Album gets duplicated - The second one with just 1 song

This is my first post about Metadata so not sure what kind of logs I should post but let me try to explain the issue. The album is “El Mundo se Equivoca” by “La 5ta Estacion”. Initially track #7 was matched with a different album of the same group.
I clicked on the edit button and choose “El Mundo se Equivoca” and worked but it created another album named the same.

I tried looking for an option to merge them but can’t find it. The tracks had tags but it seems that’s not making a difference.

Since initially track #7 was matched with a different album I tried to delete the complete folder and add it back but Roon it seems remembers the last change and it’s not updating anything so it created 2 albums of “El Mundo se Equivoca” again.

Appreciate any advise.


Hi Cesar,

You can Merge the albums.

Check this out.

Cheers, Greg

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Wow - Awesome, fixed in 2 seconds. Sorry about not able to find this one, it’s my second day with Roon.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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And it worked similar to merge Artists. Great!!!