Album Identification: Allow label as a search field

Some older albums are difficult to get identified. Often I have an album cover, from the old days when I added it to Sooloos, and I can see the label right there on the cover: “Telarc”. It would be useful to be able to enter that to narrow the search for identification.

(Really a feature request, not a bug.)

Are you aware you can focus in on labels?
I don’t think adding label fields to the search results would be a good idea.

I don’t mean search during navigation or focus.
I mean under Identify Album, None of these look right, Manually search for your album.
That dialog is not subject to focus.
That’s where I think that a label could help.

Hiya @AndersVinberg, I moved the topic to Feature Requests.

I see, sorry I was on a different page.

Though this has no votes, suggest @moderators may want to close and consolidate with the primary feature request (because it is featured quite high on forum search)…

Hi @Johnny_Ooooops,

Thanks for tagging the mods. I’ve just reviewed the two topics, I believe this topic is about improving the manual album identification process whereas the other topic is discussing extending Roon’s main search functionality. I see these as sufficiently different use cases to warrant their own topics.

@moderators, can you sanity check this for me, just in case I’ve missed something.


Hi Carl completely agree. This is about searching during the identification process and adding label along with artist and album title as a search parameter.

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Sorry for the false flag!

Hope you guys don’t mind that I do this kind of “consolidation run” for hygiene. If it’s too much work for low results, please tell me to stop!

I don’t have any problems with you or any forum member bringing these items to our attention for review.

Hi @Johnny_Ooooops,
Absolutely no problem and I echo @TheHammer’s view.
The only thing I would say is it might be better to flag as Something Else rather than post in the topic itself.