Album identification based on file name of title tag?


Yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that in the “Let’s make sure everything is in order” screen (the second step in the album identification process), Roon seems to compare the track titles it imports from the TiVo database (list on the left) with the file names of the tracks in the album’s directory on my NAS.
Is this really the case? I initially thought that Roon would use my Title tags. Or does Roon use those too and just does not show them in this matching screen? I know e.g. that within a Title tag the WORK and PART should be separated by a colon. A colon is a forbidden character in filenames. So does Roon interpret underscores as colons? I noticed that in music files that I exported (as a test) from Roon, Roon uses underscores in lieu of colons.
Strangely enough I have not been able to find conclusive information concerning the above in Roon’s kb nor in this community.
Could anyone please enlighten me?

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

On the screen you mention, the file names are used, but when it comes to automatic identification we also use file tags from your media.

Thanks, @dylan, for your quick reaction.
One more question, though: do you mean to infer that there is a difference between “automatic identification” on the one hand and the matching in the “Let’s make sure everything is in order” screen on the other, specifically concerning the usage or non-usage of Title tags?

I’m still very much puzzled by the underlying porcess that takes place while identifying. I still have more than 3600 unidentified albums and one by one I’m trying to alter the tags of the files within these albums in such a way that Roon suddenly ‘snaps’ and identifies the album at hand.
In cases of albums containing multiple cd’s it already helps to fill in the discnumber tag if that was empty and subsequently renumber the track numbers so that they start at 1 with each next disc. For reasons I’ll not further discuss here (use of other, mixed brands of endpoints, databases and such) I used to number the tracks within these multiple disc albums consecutively from 1 to n where n is the total number of tracks in the album and not from 1 to m where m is total number of tracks on any disc.

Furthermore I have quite a few multi-disc issues that I have split into one or more directories, e.g. when an album contains both orchestral and chamber music. It certainly helps automatic Roon identification to reintegrate those albums.

Then there’s the Album Artist tag. In my pop albums I have always filled these with the appropriate album artist name, but because (in my perception) classical albums don’t really have or need an album artist, I left that tag empty for all of my classical files which by the way make up the majority of my collection.
I have found out, though, that when I fill the Album Artist tag of a classical album with the name of the conductor, sometimes followed by the most famous singer (in case of an opera), this sometimes is already enough to have the album be automatically identified by Roon.
Question: Is my assumption correct that I need to separate the names in an Album Artist tag using " / " and not with “/”?

In other cases it helps to change the old title
“KV 588: I-2: Duetto ‘Ah guarda, sorella’ (Fiordiligi, Dorabella)”
“Così fan tutte, KV 588: Duetto ‘Ah guarda, sorella’ (Fiordiligi, Dorabella)”
so that Roon recognizes the WORK to be “Così fan tutte, KV 588”, where it fails to recognize the Köchel Verzeichnis number, which is somewhat disappointing, seeing as that Roon is perfectly capable to order all of Mozart’s compositions in order of KV number in the Composer screen…

I have yet to find helpful information about exactly how and in what order Roon uses the information from directory and file names as well as file tags. If I had that info, grooming my collection toward instant Roon identification would be a lot easier!