Album Identification Unreliable

I’ve long found the album identification screens in Roon to be very frustrating to use. Here is a particularly egregious example.

Roon shows two copies of the band Ghost Light’s album “Cervantes (Live)” in the discography view. One is from Tidal and one is my rip:

However, my copy is unidentified:

So I click “Unidentified” and am taken to a screen that does not find the Tidal copy and does not show any albums by Ghost Light:

So I click “None of these look right” and am taken to the manual search screen. Again, it does not find the album, even though it is in Tidal. Worse, it seems to primarily match on the album title, so it only shows two matches by “Ghost Light” and oddly they are both for the same album.

I see a few issues here:

  1. It should have identified this album since it is in Tidal.
  2. Both the Auto Match and Manual Match screens should put more weight on the artist name.
  3. The Manual Match screen should have a checkbox to indicate that an exact match is wanted on either the artist and/or the album name.
  4. I tried to get an exact match by putting “Ghost Light” in quotes, which is a technique supported by many search engines. This resulted in NO matches for the artist which shows that the search algorithm is very basic.
  5. When trying to match live albums with a date in the album name, I never find a match unless the date format exactly matches. This shows how weak the search algorithm is. If it did a ranked match algorithm against the albums by that artist, it would find matches.
  6. Don’t show the same album more than once in the results.
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@support – Any suggestions for how to get Roon to identify this album?

Identification is based on metadata content from AllMusic or MusicBrainz (AFAIK) . The existence in a streaming source is not included in the search.

Maybe try locating the album in these 2 sources , if you can find it Roon should ID it.

I am not aware of this band but some more “obscure “ artists can fail .


All music shows 1 band 3 albums , not you problem one

MusicBrainz shows 2 bands , one album each, neither your problem one.

MusicBrainz is crowd sourced, you could add the details of the album into their db

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