Album imports to internal SSD ok but not from Melco?

Im running latest software on Nucleus +
NAS is Melco N1ZH latest FW
Cisco 2196 switch
AIFF format

Imported all music from Melco (using it as a NAS) and what has imported plays fine!

When i import certain albums they will only appear in the skipped folder, however if import the same albums to the internal SSD they are recognised and play fine!

Ive tried various tagging software (song Kong etc) and all say they are fine but i just cant get them to be recognised via the melco?

Ive reinstalled Roon software, I’ve restarted Roon Server software, rebooted the Nucleus ! Ive restarted the Melco, I’ve re tagged but they wont show up!

Ive removed library, changed ip address, reinstalled !!

Im at a total loss!

Any Advice would be much appreciated !!


Hello @jason_walsh, could you share a screenshot of the skipped files screen? Also a screenshot of the file path for one of the tracks that isn’t importing? There are a few items that can cause files to show up as skipped in Roon, you can see what I’m looking for via this article.

Thanks for reply.

I’ve resolved the issues i had with certain albums. Points to an issues with a Melco backup, I then run them through Picard and then corrected data and then Roon imported them. Im at a loss but all good now !
I’ve got a few in the skipped file folder but they all play and i have no issues with them!

No issues currently and its working well !!

Thanks for link i will give it a read


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