Album Interpret etc

I am trying ROON and it’s great but I am missing some entry points into my music library e.g.:

  • Album Interpret
  • Work
  • Conductor
  • Orchestra
  • Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Instrument

It would be awesome to get more views into the library.

Thanks a lot,.

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You mean more granularity in artist browsers? Agreed.

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ROON is awesome in providing metadata in a VERY nice way but it is equally important to provide more entry points into the library.

Example: I tend to enter my library via Album Interpret, NOT via Interpret as I usually don’t know all other musicians rather than that who came up with the album.

As a new ROON user I would be very much interested, how ROON is dealing with these requests. Right now it’s a black hole to me.

They read the requests - or so they say. :wink: Usually, they don’t respond to a request with a YES/NO answer or any answer at all - or so they say :sunglasses:.

But sometimes, they give a statement - like if something is against the product’s philosophy or - if you’re lucky - with an “[on the roadmap]” notice or they just join the discussion.

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For Album Interpret / Album Artist or what roon may consider to be “Primary Artists” / “Main Performers” you should have a good starting point with the Artist Browser.

What roon lacks are ways to expose data for browsing in more detail, as you’ve found out. :wink:
Currently, it seems impossible to browse by conductor / ensemble / performer role - something that SHOULD be available at least within “Focus”. While roon “knows” quite alot about credits and has a detailed model for this (see here) it seems it doesn’t do much with it except showing a credits tab in the album view. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There have been (quite) similar requests, like Add ability to browse classical by various categories of performer or Artists / Composers / Perfomers? - if the demand adds up, maybe a next release will provide us with some improvement in this regard.

Also, it’s not possible to browse all artists (performers) like those primary artists - that has been requested by others but didn’t made it into roon yet (?).

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Thanks a lot @anon47919701.

It is quite surprising, that this request wasn’t implemented already as this is one of the key points to search through a large library.

Thanks for your clarification.

Well, there may be a lot of reasons why it wasn’t done. Maybe roon doesn’t think it to be essential. Or something like we want is part of the UI-update-in-the-making - but more than that an major UI update is planned we don’t really know. The roon team has obviously worked on some important system integrations (Devialet, Linn) recently which hopefully will strengthen the roon position in the market - but may have (had) an impact on feature development in other areas (resources are limited, I guess…).