Album missing - visible in Tidal but not Roon


I have recently had some problems with albums and artists that I can find in Tidal on my iPhone but not in Roon. Yesterday I wanted to listen to Vanessa Paradis new album (released 16/11) which was visible in Tidal but impossible to find in Roon until I had favoured it in Tidal and waited until this morning arrived. Now I can find both the artist and the album.

This problem occur from time to time; any clues why?


Johannes, Sweden

Roon-Tidal syncs are not instantaneous and can take a day or so

Hi @Johannes_Larsson,

I took a look in Roon and was able to find this album without having to go through TIDAL. From our KB:

When you’re browsing TIDAL in Roon, you’re seeing Roon’s TIDAL database, not a direct pass through of what’s shown on TIDAL – that’s why there’s so much more metadata, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, credits, etc.

This is also why Roon can sometimes be slightly behind TIDAL when a brand new release comes out – our database is generated multiple times per week, but sometimes a new album will just barely miss the cutoff, and will show up in a day or two.

As wizardofoz suggested, this may have been what you were seeing initially.

Ok - thanks very much to both of you!



Sorry to bother and re-open this issue. After reading a review of Look up Child by Lauren Daigle which was released in September 2018 I tried to search Roon without any luck. I went into Tidal on my iphone and found the album and artist immidately. Please see attached pictures. Kind of weird?



In roon in the UK

Thanks Ged! After I had marked the album as a favourite in Tidal - after 20 minutes - it showed up in my Overview in Roon as well. Still weird but problem solved in a way :grinning: