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We burned almost 1000 albums into our Roon library. However, one CD is not adding to the library.

Artist is Lil Green and the Album is Why Don’t You Do Right? 1940-1942.

It was published by EPM in 1994 and the CD was made in France. Is the reason it’s not burning because it was made in France?

Can you play the Album with other software? If not then it may be that the CD has copy protection. I have a couple from France that use Copy Control and to rip these IIRC was to turn off auto start and use dBpoweramp Defective by Design under CD ripping options.

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. Where do I find “auto start” and “CD ripping options?”

Btw, I am able to play the CD on a regular CD player.

Copy Protection CDs play fine on CD players but cannot be really readily ripped on a PC. When you insert the CD in a PC auto start runs some software on there CD. This is disabled in the OS settings.

If you have a copy of dBpoweramp the Defective by Design option is available in the topping options.

It would be helpful if you stated what PC/ OS you have and the CD ripping software you use.

For those rare cases I am holding on to a very old external Plextor drive. I guess its coming close to its 20th birthday. It is simply too dumb to recognize or to be fooled by any sort of copyright protection and rips the CD anyway… :partying_face:

Hello @Robin_Singh, if you’re able to rip the CD via dbpoweramp, please let us know!

We were able to add the album using an external Samsung DVD/CD Writer. First, we added the album to a local computer HD. Then we copied and pasted the album directly into the Core storage. After forcing a rescan, the album appeared. Thank you guys for trying to help.

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Hello @Robin_Singh, glad you got things working! Please let us know if you have further issues.

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