Album not identified - why?

Folder has main words from Artist and Album as Folder name. (Files have no metadata.)
Album has a 100% TOC match, for five tracks.
Roon offers only the correct album.

With 3 tracks, I would expect confidence to be too low, but with 5 tracks, a perfect match, and crucial words in the folder name, I would expect Roon to be able to match the album automatically, particularly as it appears to have no competition with this TOC.

Is this behaviour expected?

@Ludwig What’s happening here is almost certainly that the TOC is good enough to find a match, but although your album title contains relevant words, it’s too far removed from the real thing for Roon to confirm that TOC match and auto-identify. When you identify manually, the TOC correctly gets you a candidate who you can confirm manually.

Hope that explains things.