Album Not in Roon

Hi Folks,
Look for help on an album that has caught my interest. The name of the band is Moderat, name of the album is “III”.

Roon is listing only the remix version of this album. There are currently 3 versions of this album, regular one, the remixes, and an instrumental. Tidal has them all listed but only the remix album shows up in Roon. This is not a new album it came out last month on April, 1st, 2016. Total main albums in Roon Tidal is 3, but Tidal web site has 6 in total.

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you favourite the version you want in the tidal app that is the one Roon will import into your library. I noticed this because edited or explicit versions of the same album are in tidal app only one appears in Roon and it could be the edited or explicit version and no way to know… This is a major issue that Roon really needs to fix asap…I’ve cancelled my tidal subscription, this and the lack of all new releases being available to Roon the 2 main reasons for the cancellation.