Album Overview in 1.8 Album/ Singles&EP --> No sorting in discography

Since the latest version, sorting albums no longer works.
You can see my settings on the first screenshot.
My sort settings:

As a result, however, I always get the oldest versions displayed first.
This seems to be a bug.
My second screen shows the result of the sorting.

No matter which settings I use, no success.
I admit that I am quite disappointed. The new version is very buggy and often crashes on IOS.

I use MacOS BigSur 11.2.1 as RoonRemote

I hope for a quick solution or at least more possibilities



I have the same problem. Albums and singles are mixed. Please solve this.
It takes away all pluses from 1.8

In the drop down, where it says Sort by Release date. There will be an arrow in front, click the arrow to reverse the sort.