Album page window background color white or greyish depending on genre

Core Machine

Antipodes K50 (Roon 1.8 build 790)

Description of Issue

When browsing using a Windows 10 computer with the Core on the Antipodes K50, I just noticed that for Album pages, the window background color depends on the Genre. It seems that all Genres are displayed with the normal white background while the Classical Genre is displayed with a greyish background.

When doing the same on the iPad (also latest software version), Albums with the Classical genre display as normal, with a white window background.

Seems like an odd bug. Since I don’t often play Classical music, it’s possible that this has started prior to the current version or even prior to 1.8.

Hello @Christiaan,

I do hope that better late than never would apply in this case. I apologize for the extreme delay.

I wanted to thank you for sharing this feedback; I’ve notified our team and we’re looking into it :nerd_face:

This is intentional. See also:

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Thanks Rebeka, indeed, better late than never:-)

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Aha, I did search but did not find this topic. Thanks for linking BlackJack.

I have to say I’m not a fan of this color or any color change at all depending on genre. I’d prefer for it to be optional.

Hello again @Christiaan and thank you for your kindness :blush:

Also, a big thank you @BlackJack for sharing this post :nerd_face: . From now on I’ll refer to this post of yours :pray:

@Christiaan thanks for your feedback - I’ve taken it to the team, however, I cannot make any promises on if or whther this will be changed…