Album recognised but no artist image

I have just added my “world music” folder to Roon. There are a lot of artists for which there is no artist image - will this be improved in a subsequent release, or is this a limitation of the databases Roon uses to scrape info?

Also, for some of these artists, the albums are recognised (i.e. with reviews and other info shown) despite there being no artist image displayed - is this normal? Thanks

Yes, that’s normal. It’s a consequence of which artist images our metadata sources are able to acquire, license, and provide to us.

In the short term, we will make artist images editable so you can supply your own.

In the medium term, we will support user submission artist artwork, so we can begin growing our own artwork collection.

All of the metadata in your Roon databases is updated against the latest on our servers on a regular basis, so as our stuff gets better, more images will appear without any further action on your part.

Thanks Brian, that all sounds good to me.