Album split in two albums AND changing another album

Hey @papa.jay,

Grateful for your help :pray:

All the data is with our QA team again. Thanks for everything so far — I’ll follow up as soon as I hear back :nerd_face:

@beka: after not getting back to me for almost 7 months now this thread can be closed

For everyone else in case needed: I was able to “solve” the problem as follows

  • Backup all affected albums (the ones which were split up AND the ones which were incorrectly cross-referenced)
  • Backup information about favourites set and tracks beeing added to playlists
  • Delete all albums using Roon Remote (deleting the files is not enough)
  • Check all directories and cleanup files left and empty directories
  • Restarted Roon Core (just to be sure)
  • Added the albums one after the other again

So let’s hope this weird mix up doesn’t happen again

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