Album Split into Two Albums

Roon Core Machine

ROCK, NUC8i7BEH, Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/S, Transcend 128GB Nvme PCIe Gen3 X4 MTE110S M.2 SSD Solid State Drive

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet to NUC: Google WiFi, TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch, Synology DS920+

Connected Audio Devices

MacBook Pro, iPhone 12, Chord Mojo2/Poly, Chromecast Audio

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I added a few albums to my NAS yesterday that were then auto-loaded to Roon. One album, “Carry It On (Songs Of America’s Working People)” was for some reason spilt into two incomplete albums. This may have been triggered by me doing a force rescan while it was still uploading to my NAS.

To correct for this split, I moved the album to an unwatched folder, ran the Library => Library Maintenance => Clean up library (where there was nothing to be cleaned up), and then moved the album back to the watched folder. The album was still split.

Here are some screenshots-
All tracks have the same album title and artists:

Album 1 of 2:

Album 2 of 2:

My Albums view:

Suggestions on how to reunify the two?


You can use the Merge albums feature found in Roon.
In album view you need to select both split albums and at top of screen you will then see a prompt to Merge albums.

On another note this appears to be a recent bug that usually only occurs when importing album with the Roon client open.

That did it.

Oh, and on “that usually only occurs when importing album with the Roon client open” - guilty as charged :slight_smile:

Thanks for the gudiance.

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