Album tracks not playing in sequence

I’m getting myself irritated by album tracks not playing in sequence.
Please advise.
Many Thanks

Album tracks when in album view should play in sequence. Do you see something different when choosing play album? Do you perhaps have shuffle on in the queue?

Thanks. What do I have to do with Toggle Shuffle to get it to play consecutively?

Switch it off. It should be grey instead of blue.

This is the icon.

It toggles on and off.

Why won’t it play tracks consecutively?

Are you saying the shuffle icon is showing off yet you are still getting shuffle when choosing play album?

That seems to be the case, yes.

This seems to be a problem somewhere rather than a feature request so I’ve moved this to a #support thread.

@Stuart_Matheson Can you provide a couple of screenshots please of the album screen just before you hit play, and the queue screen immediately afterwards?

Hi @Stuart_Matheson,

As Brian suggested, some screenshots would definitely be helpful here. Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Please show a screenshot of the album and then the queue screen after pressing play.


I’m experiencing the same thing. Is there a solution for this?

Found the solution: Sequence of Album Playback

Had to deselect the shuffle button under Queue. For the record, I don’t recall having selected it.

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