Album version missing in album choices

Hi, folks. I added digital version of this album:

Roon recognizes album in general, but does not pic the right version. Doing Edit->Identify Album, yields the choice of 5 albums, none of them is right.

How do I get the right album version referenced?

You cannot. Not every album version has been documented at some/all metadata providers. That is unrealistic.


Alright. What are my options at this point to get the information in? Full Manual?

Yes. You can configure Roon to prefer your tagged metadata.


Hi Felix,

This happens a lot. But after picking the closest match you can customise to a certain extent. For example album covers, release dates, album and track titles. You need to be careful though as it can be easy to pick a release that looks like a close match but there can often be differences in running order or bonus tracks between releases. In those cases picking “file” rather than “roon” track titles usually solves it.