Album view in playlists

I am an “album person”, I view a lot of my music as albums. I would like to have an album view of a playlist I make.

Alternatively, this is my main use and maybe someone has a suggestion: On TIDAL I add albums that either someone recommends or I am interested in to specific playlists (eg Jazz Trio, Classical vocal, etc). I want to be able to see these playlists as albums. Making an album a favorite is fine, but then I lose the classification.

Suggestions other than the feature request are welcome! :smile:

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I’m not sure I fully understand your request here.

Roon is all about albums. But, I suspect you are creating personal ‘albums’ from a playlist
e.g. tracks from many sources that you group together. You would like to see these as an “album”

If so, then you can do that already. Here is an example:-

The first two are locally created. The second two are from Tidal.
Both look like albums but of course are NOT albums as they are unofficial collections of tracks.
Simple view taken from the PLAYLIST menu.

Does that work for you or are you asking about something else ?

I create a playlist in TIDAL, say “Classical”, and within TIDAL I add a complete album to the playlist (click on the … then add to playlist). In Roon all of the albums I have added to “:Classical” show as a list of songs, I don’t see albums like the picture you posted. I would like to see the TIDAL playlist as a sequence of albums rather than a list of songs.

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Ok…thanks. I understand a bit better.

I think playlists are designed around tracks not entire albums. There will be only one top image for a playlist. Within that list is just a list.

If you select that playlist to play then thumbnails of the album per track will show in play queue.


To achieve what you want I would approach it a different way. Would tag the chosen albums with a user tag. Then you can very easily view all and only those albums in the full album browser. You can select all and play all in just a couple of clicks. Tags are very efficient.

I wouldn’t try and use playlists for whole albums.

Ok, yes, I get that. The issue is I add most of these albums while on the road or at the office or similar, and I do so to a TIDAL playlist.

All I want is for playlist view to be able to group by album. Most players out there (Audirvana, iTunes, JRMC) offer multiple views of your music - that is what I want.

Makes sense?


I would love that functionality too. I much prefer to see some playlists by Album first.

Same for me :smile:, I prefer to see the playlists by Album (and after by list of songs).

Yes I would definitely like this feature too. I have playlist with single tracks (for pop music for instance) where the song view is fine, but for classical music I like to add whole albums, and with long playlists it REALLY becomes impractical to have to scroll through hundreds of song. Also and please, I don’t want to need to add tags, it should just be available as a option to be able to switch between album and song view (as many apps already propose)

Would love this feature too. The ability to switch to an album view within a Playlist would be excellent since some of my Playlists have 100s of songs and it can get pretty tedious scrolling up and down to find the album I want to start at.

+1 to all of the above…

I create a number of playlists in iTunes that I export and import into Roon as M3U playlists. I use these playlists to group New Music that I’ve purchased into categories, like Classical, Jazz, whatever, and in an order that I like to listen (e.g. I will group albums by artist/genre/style and start playback from the middle of a playlist).

As mentioned above, many media players offer the ability to see the playlist grouped by album, rather than a collection of tracks. The album art is of value, because I find it easier to scan a collection by album art than by text-title.

This method of browsing, plus my never-ending gripe about a non-consuming playback queue, is what keeps Roon from being my default player. I do go to Roon to explore my collection and Tidal, but when I am in the mood for something specific, I fire-up either MPD playback on my Bryston or Audirvana on my Mac (depending on where I am).

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Another vote for this please.

Just tried setting up a play list and thought I had made a mistake until I scrolled down to see the various tracks. Would much prefer to see the individual albums – like you do in the regular Roon layout.

Adding more to this: I would like to be able to sort a playlist by album. Separately (but related) I’d like to group by album (even if the album is not there in it’s entirety).

Feature 1: Group-by-album. Consider a playlist:
1- Track1/Album1
2- Track2/Album1
3- Track1/Album2
4- Track5/Album1

When I ask to “group by album” I would like to get an additional level:
— Track1
— Track2
— Track1
— Track5

Feature 2: Sort by album - ie group by album and sort by album name, or group by album and sort by album artist. Using example above:
— Track1
— Track2
— Track5
— Track1


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If there is a nice song from an album in a playlist, the most natural reaction is to start to wonder if the corresponding album could contain more good tracks. Therefore, the album should always be listed for each track in a playlist, unless the user specifically has used an option to disable such feature. This will make it MUCH MORE easy to lookup the album in a fast, one-click manner. There are no alternatives to this feature that is equally effective in use.

I vote for ALBUM per default being shown for all tracks in playlists!

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Are you seeing otherwise?

How do I look at my music in ALBUM view instead of single tracks while in Playlist?

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You don’t cuz you can’t. :frowning:

I’d like to +1 the general idea of this.

I prefer to listen to whole albums. If I add an album to a playlist I’d prefer to see the album in the playlist rather than the individual songs from the album, with a link to the album page if I want to see the tracks on that album. When looking at an album I’d like to know what playlists I have added that album to.

Working with playlists song-by-song is very useful, of course. I’d just like to add the ability to manage playlists as collections of albums as well, and perhaps mix and match so a playlist could be made up of a few whole albums plus a sprinkling of individual tracks.



+1 from me on this too. Just would be nice to collapse the playlist into an album view.

For example, I have the Blue Note 75th Anniversary Box Set. These are reissues of original Blue Note CDs.

Primarily, I access them as individual albums in Roon. I have them tagged with a common “Blue Note 75” tag so I can group them and have a playlist built from the tag.

Sometimes I decide to work my way through the playlist chronologically by album, listening to the whole album. Would be nice to press a button on the playlist and collapse the playlist into an album view, so it feels like I’m working with the box set.

Also, would be nice each playlist to remember where you left off in its playback…

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I do this too, with larger box sets. I create a playlist in iTunes to access all of the discs and, of course, iTunes allows an album view in addition to a playlist/tracks view.

Then, this playlist shows up in Roon, but only as a collection of tracks. 1st World problems, of course.

I would like to replicate the same behavior directly in Roon, using the really nice Focus feature, but Focus doesn’t support tailoring the view based on album meta data. For example, I wanted to see my collection of RCA Living Stereo SACDs. I iTunes, I can setup a smart playlist that looks for albums containing: Living Stereo. No such function in Roon’s Focus.