Album vs track Tags: Make additional tag visible

I built most of my music library in JRiver. Most is classical music. I created a TAG called Opus and which has the Opus number by track. The tag is in my Roon database (TIT1). How does I made this tag visible as part of the track info displayed and how can I make it an Album tag (if the album only has 1 tag for all tracks).

Go to Settings > General > Album page preferences and check Show track tag links. You’ll need to add the tag manually to the album.

Thanks. From the “view file info” for most classical tracks I have a Tag called GROUPING. It contains the opus numbers of the track or group of tracks or the whole album. How do I make this GROUPING tag visible in the overall track info without the need to open “View File Info”?

I’m unsure if you can do this. However, the following guide may assist you. Moreover, if you reassign the thread to #support others may chip in with help and advice.

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