Albums added automatically

I find, on an almost daily basis, unwanted albums added o My albums folder. They are all of the same type, ambient or spiritual, types of music that don’t interest me at all. I delete them permanently but shortly after they are back, often with similar offerings.
I can’t remember making a choice for me to get suggestions for music and definitely not this type.

Any idea what’s triggering this?

regards Martin Kaup Sweden

Are these TIDAL or Qobuz albums or local files? Do you share Roon or streaming services with another family member? If not, change your passwords.

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Hey @martin_kaup, Martin_Webster asked some good questions here. Please let us know!

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I’m the only user. I can’t tell whether they are added by RONN or TIDal but I suspect ROON since they do not appear in TIDAL.

Regards Martin

If a TIDAL album is added to Roon it will be a TIDAL favourite. If no one else you know uses your Roon system or TIDAL account I suggest you change your password to something secure. It’s possible someone is using your account.

Hey @martin_kaupI would agree with Martin_Webster. Change your login credentials and let us know if that helps!

Thanks all, have tried to alter my account, no luck.
Is there any log of who or what adds things to your ROON account.

regards Martin

You need to go to the TIDAL website and login there to change your password. Then go back to Roon and redo the authorisation, i.e. disconnect/ reconnect and follow the instructions presented.

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