Albums by Artist [not in library]

It’d be great if the artist page had a section showing albums that are by the artist, but not in the library, so i could see what I’m missing.

It is there, the lower section.
I have two albums with Helge Lien, Tidal has seven more, plus several appearances and production:

That might be a tidal only feature, i don’t see that, and presumably that only shows albums available in tidal.

Ah, you would like to know all albums in the universe that you don’t have?
I imagine it would be difficult for Roon to get such a list.

Metadata is what Roon prides themselves on, so seems like a good fit. If i buy and album and add it my library, then they know about [most of the time] so they could at least show those. Throw in some links to Amazon and make some referalal money as well.

Never realized that this info doesn’t show when you don’t have a Tidal account. You miss a lot here. Roon could at least provide the information in some way, even when it is not accessible or you just get a Tidal account. And when you are using it just to “preview” albums you might just get the cheapest subscription wich still sounds pretty good, at least good enough to “preview”

I really don’t get it that anyone who calls him/her self a serious music lover does not have a subscription on a streaming service nowadays. There are not many things in life that provides so much pleasure for the money as a subscription on a streaming service. Even if you only want to buy and listen to highres music it is still a giant source for music exploration. If I had only $10 per month to spend and I had to choose between Roon for only my own library or a subscription on a streaming service it would most definatly be the latter. Having both is best of both worlds. Just do it, you won’t regret it.

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Each to their own. TIDAL is not good for the music I listen to, so I let my subscription lapse. If Roon supported Deezer I would use that, but until they do, I am stuck. For my money Roon is a much better value proposition than TIDAL. Of course my collection is a decent size and pretty niche, YMMV.

So, I would second this feature request. The data exists in various DBs (freedb, etc), and Roon possibly already has the data (aggregated across everyone’s collections).

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Totally agree on data collection from other sources. Like I said I was pretty much amazed that Roon doesn’t show any of this info without a Tidal account.

My library is also pretty niche, roughly 10% of my collection is not being recognized by the Roon database or Tidal. I also have a Deezer account but I have to say that while Tidal seems to be more focussed on hiphop and r&b and Deezer more on indie they both provide about 95% the same content once you get past their own interface. That’s where Roon comes in to play.

Yes, I have also requested this, oh, around…2 years ago :smiley:

There are also other existing threads on this, e.g.:

But yes, I would still like this feature very much. Not to show all albums in the universe that I don’t have, just those by an artist that I do already have in my library.