Albums disappear during playback

Roon 1.1 (build 65)
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009)
OS 10.11
Library on Synology DS213, ethernet connection

I’ve experienced a phenomenon about 4 times over the last few weeks. In the middle of listening to an album Roon will stop playing in the middle of the song. When I check Roon it says album has disappeared (although it still exists in my watched folder.) When I go to Overview all of my albums are disappearing and the count goes all the way down to 0. When I restart Roon it will rescan the library and find it.

This happened twice within an hour on evening last week, and again this morning.

Hey @rwilson75 – sorry for the trouble here. We have a new release undergoing final testing right now that includes a few fixes for similar issues. We expect it to be live soon, so thanks in advance for your patience.

Can you try with the next release (build number >65) and let us know how it goes?


I updated to build 65. Same issue - mid album Roon stopped playing - album disappeared. I got up to check the overview- count down of the albums in my library.


Ok, the fixes I was mentioning should released in the next few days – let me know how it goes once you’re running the newest release, and we’ll look into this further if things aren’t working as expected.

Sorry for the trouble here!


I recently had to switch to a new mac due to hardware failure of my old computer. I had a back up of my Roon folder, so got it back up and running quickly. Unfortunately, this problem is worse than ever. After a few minutes of scanning my NAS, all of my albums start disappearing. After restarting it will scan them all, but then countdown again. I have tried to mount the NAS in two ways, both as a watched folder: 1)just watching the music folder in the NAS; 2) as an attached network folder. Neither has fixed the problem. Here is my set-up:
Roon 1.2m build 157
Mac Mini (late 2014) OS 10.11.6
Ethernet to Apple Airport Extreme
Ethernet to Synology DS213

Can you help?



I’ve been attempting to figure out the problem laid out above. My library was working for a few days. I restarted my computer and then after booting up Roon, my library went from 3900 albums to 700. At that point it started re-adding the albums. Any help with this would be appreciated.


Hi @rwilson75 ----- Thank you for your patience and my sincere apologies for the delay. In regard to the issue you are experiencing with your album count starting to deplete and then grow.

This is known issue that we aware of and have found that our user base, working with large musical collections on Mac are experiencing.

As Brian mentioned in his post, this issue is most certainly on our radars. For now I have left a note with my team and developers to discuss any potential work arounds for this problem. Once I have some more information, I will touch base with you.

Once again, my apologies for the inconvenience here and thank you for your patience as we try to sort through this problem.


Hi everyone, I am having the same problem with roon Server running on a Synology NAS (no Mac involved). Is there any update on this? This is an absolute showstopper to use roon.


Build is 165 and all the Music files are locally on the NAS. Library is on an SSD that is being connected via USB 3.0