Albums from Qobuz re-populating in Roon library and unable to delete (ref#CTB0K7)

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Were these albums “unavailable” in Qobuz? If so, @Simon_Arnold3 reported to have experienced this as well. In another thread about something like this, someone else posted that it might help if you re-identify the album and then delete it. Worth a try. (Edit: this thread: Added album from Qobuz unavailable but still exists in Qobuz)

Not sure how re-identifying an album can work, as the identifying thing is for local albums not Qobuz from my experience but as it’s undocumented who knows… If you have in your library albums not in Allmusic or MusicBrainz they won’t identify but same album available in Qobuz wont show it isn’t unavailable. I dont have any favourites any more to test it, but it was only a theory by David not a fact. If it works great but it’s still needs fixing as to why is gets so messed up and when it’s grouped even more which is what I found is something larger wrong with this part of Roon I feel. I doubt it will ever change annoyingly.

You can go to any Qobuz album in the library and click Edit > Identify Album, same as with local albums, as shown in Dirk’s screenshots. As Dirk wrote, it does not matter at all as which album you identify it, as it’s going to be deleted anyway.

I thought it did work for Dirk. Anyway worth trying. And sure, not as it should be and needs fixing (though I have to say that this never happened to be and I did delete unavailable albums several times), but if the workaround works it is better than nothing

Not really feasible for hundreds which was my issue. One or two fine but when you need a mass clear out as i had to do it’s pain and with no way to spot they are unavailable easily compounded. Also it would delete but then added them all back on next sync which was even more infuriating.

Personally, I don’t know exactly what the problem as such is with unavailable albums existing, apart from OCD :wink: I don’t care about an unavailable album existing when I don’t want to play it, and when I do want to play it then I see it as unavailable and can replace it - and if the deleting issue happens and this workaround helps, then I’d just have to do it for this one album. It’s probably more annoying for heavy playlist users, I get that.

(I’d rather that the album stays in Roon as unavailable, like it does now, because I may have made edits to it. To me, the bigger issue is the inability to copy edits from one version of the album to another)

I had a similar experience recently. I’d delete many albums, and after 6-9 hours, they would reappear in my library.

My solution was to delete them using Soundiiz.

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As was my method to clear them cost me to subscribe to.

I was clearing out for other reasons and this bug stopped it.

I understand, but I am working from the assumption that Dirk’s way works around the bug. Can’t say because the reappearance never happened to me. I just found some unavailable albums by Focus > Channel Layout > Other, let me try :slight_smile:

I thought they were fixing that bug too. As I was not looking to remove unavailable just clear out unplayed stuff and stuff I had bought. But this stopped their process as soon as it hit one. II find Roon also doesn’t choose my versions over streaming when you search so I remove favourites as soon as I own them as then it does.

I dunno, it still works for me :slight_smile: Unavailable albums show as “Qobuz” instead of the resolution in the format info. I hope they don’t fix that before they have a proper replacement …

I’m now removing unavailable albums, some of them are grouped as well. Will get back to you

Ditto. The issue I had wasn’t with “unavailable” releases. Just like @Simon_Arnold3, I wanted to clear out Qobuz releases I’d not played or forgotten about.

Selecting and deleted in bulk or batches appears to work … only for the albums to repopulate my library some hours later.

It would seem that the request to delete never reached Qobuz servers–maybe Roon cloud handles this?

In contrast, Soundiiz worked immediately, but required a subscription (cancel immediately and only pay for a month.)

Nowadays, I add Qobuz releases I want to hear to a playlist rather than my library. The only release added to my library are tagged as vinyl (if I don’t have a digital copy) or on my wish list, i.e., I’ll buy a copy at some point.

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@Simon_Arnold3 So I cleaned out about 20 unavailable Qobuz albums 8 hours ago. Some of these were grouped, all had versions. I had found them through Focus > Channel Layout > Other. I replaced them by adding their available versions to the library, then removed the unavailable versions from the library

8 hours later, none of them has returned.

(However, I doubt that Focus > Channel Layout > Other found all unavailable ones because Library > Cleanup still tells me that I have 827 deleted files (“deleted via Roon, the file system, or from streaming services”). I never deleted any local files, so I assume they must be from Qobuz or from Tidal - as you know, silly Roon refuses to tell us which they are.)

You replaced them not the same as me. I just selected multiple albums I wanted to delete this was nothing to do with the unavailability and it did what I said they came back after next sync every single time. Rebooted everything nothing would change this behaviour. After repeated attempts of deleting I switched to one album at a time. I found out it would exhibit the behaviour on batch where one or more albums showed it was unavailable causing the problem. I did a few tests and missed that one out with some either side available it would delete. In bulk it would try and remove give no error look like they are gone and as I said all would come back.

Tried to remove individuals with the unavailable Roon wouldn’t. Wasn’t aware of the Re-Identify fix, I did post a ticket which no one replied to. So I reverted to other tactics bulk delete the lot outside of Roon as Qobuz has no facility to do this Soundiiz was the only way. As I have had these delete issues too many times and Roons insistence to pick out Qobuz versions over my own via search I decided why do I need favourites anyway I can still play and search without them being favourites won’t ever have unavailable unless it’s a pre release and Roons quicker.

Great it worked for you but you didn’t do what me and Martin were doing. The fact it’s happening and coming up a lot shows this part of the integration is severely broken and needs looking at. When I just had Tidal I don’t remember this ever happening.

Ok, maybe how exactly one performs the delete makes a difference. Possible, and would explain why I never see this because I never do bulk - I always have to check if there are any tags, edits, etc. that I have to manually transfer to the new version.

Of course this should be fixed

I very rarely edit anything so it was removing unnecessary favourites. I had put all my old aac and mp3s as favourites but I had replaced a big chunk with CDs also more resent purchases to replace albums I wanted. Plus stuff I had added never listens to so why keep it.

What I did notice is that if the grouped versions are not the same version as I had grouped many alt versions for a neater library and some of them didn’t group due to extra tracks etc, it’s these that have a real nightmare to remove as you have to ungroup and then manually try to remove them. Many thinks with Qobuz and Roon really need looking at from a management perspective.

Sure, I’m just saying why I was never in danger of running into this.

There is no doubt about this. Incidentally Qobuz sent me a survey a few days ago and all my individual feedback was about Qobuz/Roon integration topics like unavailability and not auto-finding replacements :slight_smile:

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Be good if it happens but I won’t hold out for anything. In the meantime I’m done with virtual library and will use Qobuz to just listen to new/old music I don’t have and just keep a physical one. Playlists work well for this until of course that album get unavailable but it’s not as much hassle to solve.

Not holding my breath, but can’t hurt to tell them.