Albums in Tidal and Qobuz by Labels

I can find all albums from any label but only in my library. But I would like to be able to find all the albums available in Tidal or Qobuz from any label and not only in my library (which, of course, includes selected content from Tidal and Qobuz). For example the Qobuz application on iOS gives such an opportunity.


The devs made mention when 1.6 was released that they were looking into the ability to apply Focus outside our library.

So, +1. :smiley:


I would also like to be able to search Qobuz by label, for example ECM or Harmonia Mundi France.


+1. This is a feature I was looking for almost from the beginning. I think most of us know labels that cater to our tastes.

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Did anything ever come of this request? Is it even considered? This will be one of the deciding factors for me when my annual renewal comes up again. I am motivated to avoid spending money I don’t really need to otherwise.

+1 from my side>. Would be an incredible feature… seems like it should be there!


What is missing from Focus - Labels, at least albums part of your Library?

Concerning looking outside your Library, I am searching in Qobuz directly (no Tidal subscription)

It allows you to refine your search even further in the Label, such as Main Aritst, Genres, Date added, (HiRez) Quality,…


I don’t care so much to search by label for what’s in my library. I want to search Qobuz by label for what’s not in my library, to discover new things on labels I know I like (Harmonia Mundi France and ECM, for example).


My subscription comes up in March. I’m not sure I’m going to renew without this feature getting added. I think I can get along with Naim’s Qobuz integration just fine, and my digital file library is small enough that I can just attach it directly to my Naim NDX2 and run that in server mode. I retire in 14 months so eliminating a $120/yr expense is one less thing to worry about, and one less thing for my wife to question.

But if Roon wants to make things more compelling with this feature, then :thinking:

Still MIA for label search with 1.8. I can do that using Qobuz’s Web Player. :confused:

What you’re showing for Qobuz was what I thought roon was saying they added in 1.8. The ability to focus outside our library into the streaming service. It can really only do that once you narrowed down to artist. Would love to focus on the streaming service at large.

Exactly! I want to focus on label into the service to help me discover new things on labels I know are solid on quality. Not that I won’t try other ways, but when I was jazz/classical buyer for a small record store in the 80s the arrival of new print catalogs for Harmonia Mundi France, EMI, ECM, DG, Polygram Special Imports, etc was always cause for excitement. I want that on Roon.

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Hundreds of albums in Qobuz!
And finding them through Roon is almost impossible.
Can roonlabs already deal with real improvements in the functionality of the application rather than cosmetic interface changes? :frowning:

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It’s crazy that even in this new version the label search on qobuz/tidal database is still missing.
They announced proudly the “brand new” focus feature but it is pretty useless as it is now.
This software relies only on his IA functions and takes away the power to the user to find something by himself. Not a good thing, not at all

Really need this

Though this has no votes yet, suggest @moderators may want to close and consolidate with the primary feature request (because it is featured quite high on forum search)…