Albums Missing after "update"

Core Machine
nucleus rev a

Network Details
apple extreme + extreme as extender + apple express as extender. all audio devices plugged into router → apple extreme base station

Audio Devices
DCS Network Bridge → KIi Three via AES
Data from Melco N1A as NAS on network.

Library Size
55k tracks

Description of Issue
ever since the “upgrade,” I am missing albums. There isn’t a consistent reason why they are missing. i have a couple of often-listened-to albums that don’t show versions i have on my NAS. in one case, a version is missing, but appears otherwise as a separate album, whereas it was listed properly as a version of the same album before the upgrade.

Hello @andrew_campbell,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and letting us know of the trouble you ran into. We’d love to help :nerd_face:

Would you be able to disconnect your NAS from your Nucleus, and then sharing it again over the network using the instructions below:

Thanks in advance :pray:

maybe it wasn’t clear, but it’s not that files on my NAS aren’t seen. ALL files are on my NAS. most are seen, but there are problems with not being able to access files that in previous versions i’ve been able to. i found one problem with a funny character that was causing one album to be skipped. i have had problems with entire albums that used to be present now not available. i have had today the problem of albums added, forced rescan and still not showing up until i force a second rescan. it’s absolutely bonkers.

there is no obvious pattern to this. but you, since you made this, must have some idea of a systematic problem that has been introduced since you upgrade to this latest version.
please advise.

Hey @andrew_campbell,

Sorry for missing your point :woman_facepalming: and thanks for clarifying. Also, thanks for sharing the steps you’ve already taken.

I’m looping in our technical team to help with more insight :nerd_face: