Albums missing from artist

Something similar occurs with Nikolaus Harnoncourt in my collection. I have a lot of his albums, but only 43 of them are shown. Yesterday their number was reduced to 10 albums. That happened within minutes with no external cause. This morning, it’s 35 albums again.

I’m not sure whether this is a case of a split artist. There is no second Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The albums just aren’t displayed on the Nikolaus Harnoncourt artist page. However, they are assigned to him. You get to the correct artist page when you click on the artist name on the album page.

@support: Is there anything I can do to help finding out what’s going on here?

Hi @Rainer_Muller,

I moved this post to a new Topic since this sounds like it might be a little different. Just to verify, when you go to the Artist browser, only the one Harnoncourt shows, correct?

How many total albums do you have for this artist? Are you still able to navigate to the missing albums outside of the Artist’s page?

When I export my albums to Excel, 130 albums are shown with Harnoncourt in the first column, i. e. as Album Artist. So Roon seems to know that Harnoncourt is the Album Artist.

I can still navigate to these albums, and in the Album view sorted by Artist, they all show up neatly under Harnoncourt. Also on the album page, everything looks right. They are just not shown under the Artist Nikolaus Harnoncourt.

When searching, there is only one Artist Nikolaus Harnoncourt. However, in the artist view there are two of them, one with 35 and the other one with 123 albums. Both lead to the identical page with 35 albums, however.

The album number changes, by the way. On Friday it was 37, on Sunday 67, today it is 35. No changes in my library. A very dynamical process.

Thanks for the additional details here, @Rainer_Muller!

It looks like the behavior you’re experiencing here is the same as the behavior discussed in the previous thread. We currently have a ticket open with our development team regarding this . While I can’t provide any specific timeframes, we will be sure to keep you updated here when we have new information available.

Thanks for the report and apologies for the inconvenience here!

Hi Dylan,
The problem Rainer is describing does sound very much like the problem I’m experiencing. Just to update you, the problem appears to be getting worse. Originally only Sting was losing albums when he was split into two artists. It is now happening to Richard Thomson and Count Basie as well. In addition John Williams, the classical guitarist, is now being split into two John Williams both with the same artist data. I’ll post this in the original thread as well.

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