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MacBook Air / Roon 1.7 (521)

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Description Of Issue

Various artists albums appear in Qobuz app, but not in Roon. In some cases, nearly all albums are missing like the artist (Ganga). In another case, for Julio Iglasias, the Mexico album doesnt appear in Roon, though it is there in Qobuz.

I have sync’d library a few times and restarted my machine as well.

Please let me know how to fix this.

Thank you!

Post some screenshots they always help.

If you ‘Favorite’ the album in Qobuz and then do a library sync, Roon will pick it up.

A little clumsy and probably not what you wanted, but it’ll get the album into Roon.

Hi @Ali_Shafai,

Let’s focus on the Julio Iglasias example. Can you share some screenshots of the Artist Details page showing all of the albums that are associated with this artist? Do you already have another version of Mexico in your library?

Here are the screenshots of all main albums as shown by Roon. Also, a screenshot of the missing album (Mexico & Amigos) as it appears in the Qobuz app in iOS.

With regard to having another version of “Mexico” in my library, the answer is no.

p.s. This album used to be there in Roon and has gone away in the last month or so…

Thanks for the screenshots, @Ali_Shafai. I’ve passed a ticket along to our team for further investigation and I’ll be sure to follow up as soon as I’ve heard back from them.

Thank you, Dylan. I am afraid that this may be the tip of the iceberg, as I have 2 others that I can pass on to you. So, hopefully the fix resolves it all.

Hi @dylan

Just wanted to touch base on this to see if the team has figured anything out.


Hi @Ali_Shafai,

The team made a change that we believe might help this behavior. Are you still seeing the same issue currently?

Hi @dylan

So, for Julio Iglasias I see more albums appearing, including the one that caused me to make the report.

However, there is still a problem. For example, Beyonce has many albums missing on Roon that appear in the Qobuz iOS app.

So, I would say that the issue is not resolved and requires further investigation.

Thank you.


Also, in checking for the artist Ganga, there are about a dozen releases that should be showing up in Roon, but only a couple of EPs show up.


Hi @Ali_Shafai,

Can you share some examples of albums that are missing for Beyonce? Do you have any other versions of these albums in your library already?

Perhaps Beyonce is a bad example and its hard for me to give you an example, becasue of all the fragmented way that Qobuz presents albums and singles in a single view. So, perhaps that is OK.

But, for sure with Ganga there are albums missing. Roon only shows 1 album as a main album, whereas Qobuz has about a dozen, I think.

Roon has Ganga split as different artists. I have more because I have Tidal in addition to Qobuz, which has some CDs Qobuz does not. But, don’t click on Top Result, look under each Ganga option.

Ah, OK. I will look for all of the listings.

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