Albums Not Appearing


Here’s an example. I have 2 DSD versions of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue”. Neither shows up in Roon search, or in the Miles Davis album section of Roon. I happened to have one of them saved to a playlist, so the only way I can access the album is to go to that playlist. Once I access the album, the metadata tags all appear like normal, Roon recognizes both the artist and album names, etc.

The second DSD version is inaccessible at all via Roon. I have this issue with a few others albums as well.

Things that show up easily in Audirvana, Amarra, HQPlayer, JRiver simply do not appear normally in Roon.

How can this be solved?


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Are the albums there as different versions of Kind of Blue?

If you pick the Kind of Blue album you do have, see whether Roon might be “stacking” them under the “Versions” tab. This can be overruled by going to Settings > General > Show hidden tracks or albums.

Alternatively they might be being skipped. Go to Settings > Library > Skipped files and see whether they are there. I did find a whole load of mine were skipped once as the folder names had a trailing blank space in them. Roon will tell you why they are being skipped. Do they have DST compression (not sure whether this would make a difference).

Yes, I have 2 different DSD version of Kind of Blue… Sony Japanese and MoFi versions. Thanks for the tip, enabling “show hidden tracks or albums” made those disappear.

I have an HD pcm version of Grateful Dead, 3/29/1990 Nassau Coliseum. It shows up like normal in iTunes, but no matter what I do, Roon does not recognize it. I have other versions of the show, so its not a big deal. Just can’t figure out why. It does not appear in Skipped Files.

Hey @DancingSea — Thanks for sharing your report with us!

In Roon if you navigate to the version that you do see and go to the Versions tab, do you see the album? Roon will group multiple versions of an album so that it only shows up once in your browser, but once you navigate to it you can see all versions. See my screenshot below of an example of this:


I have the Spring 1990 official HD box set that includes 3/29/1990 Nassau Coliseum. I also have a couple of versions of Wake Up To Find Out, which is also from the same show. Only the Wake Up To Find Out versions appear under versions, or anywhere else. The rest of the Spring 1990 box set appear like normal. But not 3/29/1990.


Would you mind sharing one of the albums that’s experiencing this behavior with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.


Is is ok to send just a few songs? 3/29/1990 is over 10 GB for one show.

I made a playlist in iTunes with all my Spring 1990 shows. In the iTunes playlist it shows there are 385 tracks, which includes 3/29/1990.

In Roon, when I go to that iTunes playlist, it also shows there are 385 tracks. However, the 3/29/1990 show does not appear in that list even though it supposedly has the exact same number of tracks as in iTunes. 3/29/1990 is 17 tracks.

Yes, just a few songs should be okay for the team to test with. Thanks @DancingSea!!JcJnBIAR!yFGjWUBP18mN8YSGXh8bdA


Its been a month, did you ever test the file?

Hey @DancingSea,

First I wish to offer my sincere apologies on the delay here.

I had a chat with the team today regarding their findings, and unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce the behavior you mentioned above.

In order to further aid the team, we are hoping to gather some additional information from you about this. Since we are unable to reproduce on our end it appears that there is something environmental that is likely causing you to see the behavior.

  • Can you share a screenshot of this album from your storage location with us?
  • Where is the library stored? How is this connected to the Core machine? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Additionally, if you go to tracks, and filter by the path of the album, can you confirm whether or not any of the tracks appear here?


Aloha Dylan,

The entire Dead show in question is stored in my iTunes library on an external USB hard drive. It appears like normal in iTunes with no issue. There are about 45K tracks in iTunes, all of which, as far as I know, appear in Roon - except for this Dead show. Its stored in the standard iTunes self created library system.

None of the tracks from this show appear in Roon. I even tried to manually import the show into Roon, and it still does not appear, though no error message was given on the import.


Thanks for the details, @DancingSea!

Can you share a screenshot of the folder the album is stored in? Are there any special characters in the path?