Albums not identified after Migrating Roon from the PC to the SonicTransporter

Hi! I need some help. Looks like I’m having the same issue as Edward a year or so ago. I wasn’t having any problem running Roon core on my PC. I switched to the sonic transporter i5 as my new core last month and none of my Library has been identified: over 37,000 tracks have been added, and all can be played (very nicely!), but none have been identified and I have no Roon notes whatsoever. When I looked at this post, there seems to have been a problem with the Roon server, which was resolved a month later and which is why I held off sending this note. But this can’t be it!

I don’t use Tidal, I’ve restarted my sonic transporter a few times, and Roon is working perfectly otherwise (but now there’s no difference with any other player software!). Any suggestion?


Hi @Michel_Accad,

Oh dear, that does not sound right at all. Edward’s issue was because the Roon backend servers where down at that time, long since resolved, thus I suspect your issue is different and as such I have moved it to its own topic.

I’m leaving a tag for @support to follow this up with you, I think they will wish to have a look at the Roon log files. However in the meantime could you describe the steps you took in as much detail as possible when you migration Roon from the PC to the SonicTransporter.

Hi Carl, thanks for the prompt feedback!

A year or so ago, I started using Roon. It worked perfectly. Core was on my laptop (an older Windows 8 Sony i7 with 750 GB HDD).

I was also using Vortexbox separately on a Sonore server/player. My Vortexbox has about 1.5 TB of Music, 37,700 files/songs, all FLAC, mostly CD quality (70%) or better (up to 24/96). I have 2 x 2TB full HDD backups for the music on the VB, and I had transferred some 500 GB from the backups into my Sony laptop (just my favorites and the best recorded pieces). So when I was using Roon on my Sony laptop as the core, this 500 GB of music was playing with no issue whatsoever (around 12,000 files, all added and 95%+ identified).

A couple of months ago I purchase the sonic transporter i5 and a a Sonore micro rendu player. I connected one of my HDD 2 TB VB backups to it and I’m able to play all my files. My own genre classification and album and artist names are all there, including the album covers - just as they appear on JRiver or iPeng. But I get no liner notes, and no Roon genre, album or artist is identified, as if the sonic transporter is not communicating with your Roon server. The music of course plays beautifully, but in effect, I have no Roon advantage!

Not sure what else to say, but I’ll just add that on my laptop, when it was configured as the core, the 500 GB music files I had were transferred from the VB backups, i.e. with the VB configuration, so theoretically no different than what I have now (except that it’s the full 1.5 TB backup rather than chosen pieces).

Hope this helps!

Thanks again, Michel

Latest news! Just tried my HDD on my son’s Sonic Transporter - and Roon works perfectly! (Both my son and I are Roon and Sonore fans!) Since my HDD also works fine on my laptop as the Core, the conclusion seems that I have a problem with my Sonic Transporter. I assume I should liaise directly with the ST team to update my ST software or something, unless you have other suggestions. In any event, thanks for everything!

Best, Michel