Albums -sorted by most played

When I sort my library albums by most played they are not appearing to show up as most played as I would expect. Is there a way to reset the count of a particular album? There are albums in top 10 that I have never listedned to in a sitting. Only way I can see this happening is if the radio picked the album and repeatedly played it, but I thought it just played tracks not entire albums.
I have 4903 albums in my library.

The issue you are having is that for albums, most played is not calculated by number of track plays, but by total time of the album tracks played. If I look at my top 25, there is a disproportionate amount of opera CDs. Most of them I have only listened to once. But, they count as three hours of album playback. While the CD I play 1 track from everyday and has a play count of 30 is not listed in my current top 25 of albums most played.

Now, if you go to tracks, they are organized by actual counts. I have brought this up before and I think there is a feature request somewhere to let us choose how we define “most played”, including allowing us to set a time-frame. So most played in the last week, last month, last year, etc etc.

Thanks. So the amount of hour glass time on Whipping Post at Fillmore East counts more than my 30 second Barry Manalow
jingles I listen to 50 times.

And writing media player software seemed so easy…