Albums with different sample rates are no longer separated

I’ve discovered that the many records I have which have multiple sample rates which before had their own selection, have been consolidated into 1. Any idea why this is occurring?

Are you using a watched folder, or an organized folder?

Watched it seems

I’ll disable and throw them back into the organized. Thanks.

This did not fix my issue at all. Still have multiple versions of albums grouped into one.

@mike Please advise on this.

Hey @Kimmyrocker – I believe this is a bug in the Organized folder feature.

I’m going to look into whether there’s anything we can do here, but for now you may just want to separate the album into separate folders in a Watched Folder.

Sorry for the trouble here!

Thanks for the reply Mike. I moved the files back to the Watched folder and still have the same issue. Should I just wait it out until a bug fix is launched?

Mike what do I need to do here to fix this? I cannot go into my 6 TB library and make the manual changes you’re suggesting. This was not an issue until the upgrade.

Hey @Kimmyrocker – can you zip up a folder for an album that’s having this issue and upload it somewhere (like Dropbox)? Just send me a link in a private message and we’ll get back to you once we’ve looked over the files.

If you don’t have access to Dropbox or similar, let me and @vova know and we can send you details for uploading the zip file to our server.

If you have the same album in a folder in two formats, we should be splitting that into albums, but it’s possible something has gone wrong here, so I want to make sure I’m looking at the exact same files you are to confirm. Thanks for your patience here @Kimmyrocker!

Sorry but I’m having issue with dropbox right now. If I could find another way to send you this zip I would appreciate it.

Mike I have uploaded an attachment called “Kimmyrocker” which is a folder that groups 3 different versions of 1 album into 1 folder, which in turn has grouped them all within Room as 1 “Mixed version” LP.