Albums without tag showing up in focus on tag

All software is latest version as of today.

If I navigate to My Stuff → Tags, select a tag, then select ‘view all albums’ from the Tag view, the resulting list of albums that is displayed includes albums that do not have the tag in question. The focus parameters correctly show that the tag is applied to the focus view. The focus view on the tag shows approximately 30 more items than actually have the tag. These albums do not show up as having the tag in the album view and are not listed in the My Stuff → Tags view of that tag.

I’ve tried applying the tag to these items and then removing it, but that hasn’t helped. How do I diagnose or fix this?


Are there any artists or other non-album items tagged in this tag?

Ahhh, yes. There are a few artists. I didn’t expect that behavior, but it appears to explain it.


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