Albums you're supposed to like...But just don't!

I have a list, but I’ll start with one.

Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything?. This album gets huge kudos from critics. Todd admirably does everything himself (writes, sings, plays all instruments, produces) and yet… I can’t get into it at all.

I suspect I have to give sides 2-4 a listen again, but even if I find some songs I like, I can’t get behind the production (I have the same problem with a few other albums he produced).

What albums do you know you should like, but don’t?


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Kid A - Radiohead
Swordfish trombones - Tom Waits

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anything by Nick Drake, most things by the Beatles


U2, everything after Rattle&Hum


Anything and everything by Queen

I almost second Dick’s U2 comment except I would say anything and everything by U2.

And I almost forgot my all time favorite thing to dislike that I’m supposed to like: Neal Peart’s drumming which fits perfectly with Rush’s mediocre sound.

By the way, Something/Anything, although rather dated, is a classic but I guess you just had to be there :grin:


Wow I received a “like” for post above. Usually saying anything negative about the “great” Neal Peart starts a flame war. :astonished:

Not a Rush fan :sweat_smile:

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BBoys Pet Sounds. I’m talking this acclaimed album, not the Beach Boys in general.


I listened to the Beatles Abbey Road last night. Have to say - it impresses. :sunglasses: but then again, the purpose is to point out what we are supposed to like but don’t. So you’re still on point.

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So is there a key song off each side that you’d put forward to change my impression? How do you get past the production?

Anything by The Rolling Stones.


“Anything by The Rolling Stones.”

Ouch! :grimacing:


Wow, triple dittos. I downloaded the album after watching a documentary about its creation. Was not nearly impressed as the movie producer was.

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Joanna Newsome - Divers

Bought it based upon glowing reviews. Listened to it a dozen times hoping to “get it.”

Still haven’t.

Would like to like her voice. I really want to.

Anything by Neil Young.


Marquee Moon by Television. Ugly music.

Anything by Dave Gilmour, pretentious wank. I (mostly) love Pink Floyd though.

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Is that a recognised roon genre?


:joy: probably should be… maybe I’ll add it myself!

I suppose its synonymous with ‘self-indulgent drivel’??

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A love supreme. Just can’t get into this album but many jazz dudes say it is the bees knees.