All in one roon ready system?

Hi all,

Sorry if it has already been asked.
Is there any all-in-one roon ready device? I mean a one box solution, an active speaker with a RAAT streamer inside (if possible wireless). And I mean roon ready, not tested.
This is for my office, I have been looking at kef lsx and devialet phantom but it seems they don’t reach the requirements above… Any idea?
Thanks all.

Maybe something in the Bluesound family would work.

Naim Muso 2?


Thanks so much
I am not a Naim fan. I was more thinking of a 2.0 system?

What’s a 2.0 system?

2 speakers/ stereo

Oh ok you originally said one box solution so I think that might have deflected views on what you wanted.

You are right
I meant everything in the box.
Then if it can be two speakers, that s great. I like very much the form factor of lsx kef. But it is not roon ready. I have been influenced in that direction (form) .
I have had bad experience with naim uniti nova in the past, so I don’t think I will ever buy again Naim.

NAD M10. Core, NAD, speakers.

OK I won’t recommend my Atom then. :slight_smile:

In that case, budget permitting, you could look at the PS Audio Stellar Strata

Is the Stellar Strata Roon Ready? I didn’t see it mentioned in the specs…

PSAudio haven’t really made any secret of their wish to divorce themselves from Roon so it’s absence from new products is no surprise. The discussions are there on their forum if you look.

Repeating for emphasis:
Not Roon ready and PS Audio has no intention of changing that. PS is working on their own platform which, may / will, be a competitive product to Roon.

You should go listen to the Mu-So 2 if you can. It’s very impressive for its size and the App is good. Where it falls apart is imaging and stereo separation as the drivers are just too close together. But as a “pull out of the box and listen” all-in-one its great.

Otherwise if cost is no object Mytek is running a good deal on their Bridge / Amp combo which will pretty much drive any speakers you want to put in your office. That’d be one heck of an office set-up and the “deal” comes with everything but speaker cables.

Maybe but there are also some Bluesound products that seem to be troublesome:

All in one best bet might be something like the Google Home Max speaker? All in one, wireless and half the price of any Naim product. might fit the bill but maybe not the budget

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It won’t be competitive in the truest sense because I believe they are going to bind it to hardware. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out for them.

How about the Elac Discovery Z3? That’s Roon Ready…

Although it’s designed as a single box solution, I assume that a pair could be grouped into a stereo zone, and use Roon’s DSP to feed the L/R channels appropriately…

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Lumin M1