All items get deleted from the Library by itself and at random moments

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

InnuOS version 1.4.3
Innuos ZENITH MK3 4TB. Hardware details:
Roon Build Number: Version 1.7 Build 511

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Note: I use Innous Local storage SSD for Library. No Lan issues or Internet connection failure. Streaming works. If needed I can provide all the details per device.

  1. Main Router (Ethernet)
  2. To local Switch (Ethernet)
  3. Switch to Etherregen Switch(Ethernet)
  4. Etherregen to Innuos Lan Port(Ethernet)
  5. Innuss Lan Port to Metrum Ambre Streamer (Ethernet)
  6. Metrum Ambre Streamer To Metrum Adagio DAC. (Ethernet i2s)

Audio devices in use
Metrum Ambre Streamer
Metrum Ambre Dac
Metrum Ambre Dac To Audio Note Otto Signature AMP

Description Of Issue
All items get deleted from the Library by itself and at random moments. Except the Qobuz items.

I start random with no real clue what triggers it. Last time was 23 Jan. On (Night) I have restored a recent back-Up from a stable period. After the back-up finished and I connected to the Roon Core the process of deleting started right away. I can’t in any way force Roon to rescan the folders. It won’t trigger. Only when I move all items to a different folder Roons starts to index again but also delete them after some random period.

• How often the issue occurs

Every time but random. Sometimes it starts directly after a restore, sometimes it is stable for hours but max is two days. I have performed at least 10 resets by the Innous OS option. And the same amount of restores of Roon via Back-Up restore. I have used different back-ups. I have

Note: I have the Roon Log Files at hand and can provide these on request.

Could it be a dodgy connection with the SSD? The symptoms sound as though Roon is losing the connection with the SSD holding your local files.

Hi @Richard_Reitsma,

A few questions/suggestions:

If you connect a USB drive with a few albums on it, do those albums remain stable in Roon?

Can you please private message me your logs? I would upload them to Dropbox / Google Drive and then click my name here -> message.

Hi Geoff_Coupe, it is a possibility. The Innuos is only two weeks old and not altered in any way though.
I cannot run checks myself on this device. It is a closed system / OS. Probably you can get Root access if you look for it but I probably contact Innuos support to let them check if it is Hardware related.

Hi Noris, I will run the USB test and send you a PM with a link to the files. It is almost midnight at my place. I will look into it tomorrow.

Hi @Richard_Reitsma,

Thanks for sending those logs over, I am noticing a few traces, but it is not clear what this is due to yet.

Please do let me know how this test goes as this will provide some more information as to where the issue is occurring.

This is a good idea as well.

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