All my audio devices disappered suddenly while Roon was playing back audio and I can no longer see any of them

Dell Dell 6700 Precision workstation 1& 32G RAM
Windows 10 Pro 64
I have been using Roon for a several years with no problems. Today while I was palyiong music all my audio devices suddenly disappeared. I have check and my computers all show the audion devices are working. I have updated Roon and cannot ge them back. Please advise.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Windows has a bad habit of overriding firewall permissions after some security updates. I’d check and confirm that Roon RAAT and Roon Server both have the correct permissions.


Hi @Mark_Edinger,

The report you submitted sounds suspicious like @Henry_McLeod suggested - the Windows firewall has disallowed RAATServer from running properly, blocking connection to your hardwired and networked endpoints. Have you checked the exceptions? You can review them here:

If the issue persists after verifying RAATServer is properly added as an exception, please respond here and we’ll proceed with more granular troubleshooting steps. Thank you!

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