All Tidal albums have diappeared

All my Tidal albums have disappeared with the exception of about 20. When selecting one of the few remaining I get A message saying unavailable. so the only music I can play on roon is from a local hard drive.

Have you tried logging out of Tidal in Roon (Settings>Services) and rebooting your Roon core?
You will need to log into Tidal again. Sometimes this brings Tidal back on line.

Hi @Alan_Davey,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Services? Are you logged in to TIDAL here?

The more I look at this I’m convinced it’s a problem with Tidal subscriptions.
Witing for a response fro Tidal support.

What do you see if you use the native Tidal client or log in on the web to tidal?

Hi @Alan_Davey,

Have you had any response from TIDAL support on this?

Can you confirm whether or not you’re logged in in Roon as mentioned above?

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