All Tidal playlists contain zero tracks (sync failure)

Hi, just signed up for a Roon trial today. I started using HQPlayer a few days and WOW!!! I love HQPlayer already. So now I need an improved interface with Tidal integration as well as remote access. Enter Roon. So far I’m liking Roon but I’m encountering one major issue. All of my Tidal playlists are showing up in Roon but there are zero tracks in every one of them. Huge disappointment. Everything else seems to be fine. (Well my history didn’t show up once but killing the app app on my iPad Mini 4 and reopening it did the trick.) I’m using v1.3 on a 2014 i5 Mac Mini (OSX 10.10.5) with 8GB of RAM. Located in the US. I’ve clicked on the “Sync Library Now” link under Services for Tidal probably 10 times now over the past dozen or so hours. The sync completes in about a second but no expected tracks. The number of tracks in these playlists range from a high of a few thousand to as little as three. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve resolved this issue manually but the underlying root cause remains. I was curious to see how Roon would handle a new playlist created in Tidal. So I created a new playlist by adding all tracks from an existing playlist into it. Then I went to Roon and hit the “Sync Library Now.” To my surprise, not only did Roon successfully sync the brand new Tidal playlist, including all its tracks, but Roon then also successfully added the missing tracks to every single existing playlist - Yea!!! The playlist album cover icons synced as well. None of them were there before this successful sync. Thank you.

After the initial workaround was successful, subsequent updates I made to the playlists through Tidal three days ago eventually synced to Roon. I’m not sure when but it wasn’t on the same day despite clicking “Sync Library Now” a few different times. I make changes to my playlists regularly as I discover new music and I suppose I’m either an unusual use case or there’s something unusual with my environment (don’t think it’s the latter); otherwise, I think the issue I’m experiencing with Roon would already be rectified because the significant sync delay is quite frustrating. Thank you.

Hi @David_Young ---- Thank you for the feedback here and my sincere apologies for the slow response.

I wanted to check in and see how things were holding up. Has there been any new progress or observations made? If any further assistance is needed, just drop support a flag using “@support” and we’ll be glad to lend a hand.


Thanks for your response, Eric. Actually, I just cancelled my trial this morning. Perhaps I’ll try Roon again in another six months or so.