Allmusic Subscription

Does anyone here pay for an Allmusic (AMG) subscription?

I’ve been using AMG for many many years as a resource to get metadata information that normally does not get populated correctly by the likes of MusicBrainz or Discogs.

Lately I’ve been improving on my personal library’s data thanks to ROON’s not-so-polite way of saying “haha, your library info sucks in comparison to what we’re pulling from Tidal and other sources”.

What I’ve noticed with AMG is the ads are getting ridiculous. Perhaps the reasonably paltry $12 annual subscription to remove ads is the way to go. But I want to be sure it DOES actually do away with them. Need some input from another AMG paid user.


Works without ads with adblocker (ABP).

Paid user here (don’t get me started on adblockers). Ads are gone when logged in. All of them. Really gone:


Thanks, René that’s great to know.

I don’t believe in adblocker plugins, or any internet browser plugins for that matter.

Besides, I’d rather support a site that has provided valuable information over the years in support of a hobby/pastime I enjoy.


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