Allo Boss DAC review

First for RPI + Boss, rest will come at a latter date. Sorry.

Well, isn’t there already an acrylic case for RPi + Kali + Piano 2.1 ?

yes but its just 2 pieces of acrylic and I have that…its hardly a WAF friendly looking enclosure (and the CM isn’t even covered up either.

I think you’re talking about the other acrylic “case”, which is open, not about the one I linked:

Yes I have the Vana kit…its a pity that the DAC board companies don’t seem to have very attractive options as yet for their kit.

The problem with most of these acrylic options is that they don’t have enough weight to stay put once you start attaching decent cables to them. No do they have any shielding against external electrical or its own generated electrical noise.

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I am mounting my Odroid C2 in a case that matches other components in my hifi, in this case the same dimensions as my AudioByte Hydra Z. It will go in there with its PSU and should provide streaming duties without looking like the lash up it presently is! But the issue of permanent enclosures for a product which is supposedly for development purposes is one that could be addressed if it did not add an additional layer of risk to the relatively small businesses that do this sort of work.

Latest acrylic case for RPI + Boss…Vana coming next


Well it’s looking great :slight_smile:
Hopefully, you’ll get the aluminium version soon :smiley:

Any idea when it will be available to order?

About a week…

Hi Johan,

Slightly off topic, but when is the LLC PSU going to ship?


Cannot yet confirm an exact date…but not too far off.

Hi, a question for johan, is it possible to know from HW REV or SL NO printed on Boss board, or in any other way, if it belongs to the production in which the SPF (you where talking about on FEB 15) has been fixed? Thank you

All units shipped out had the LPF fixed.

Thanks for the info, I am starting to listen it now, it surprised me, my best congratulations

Thx you very much. Please wait at least 48h for the unit to open up (I say it like its a wine) . At about one week it will stop improving.

Hello, Allo! I just signed up for an account so I could ask about the Allo Boss. I’m in the U.S. How can I buy one with a case? I’ve seen pics of your acrylic cases, and all I can say is wow. WANT. I’m debating between the clear and the black/gray.

I assume the Boss DAC doesn’t require any soldering and that it and a Raspberry Pi 3 model B fit into your acrylic case, yes? Can I get the dimensions of the case? Also, do I need a better power supply than the standard 2.5 AMP USB power supply?


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Cases are being added as I type , to the website…please have patience as there are 14 different combos.

Boss is plug and play. PSU of 2.5A is enough. Our PSU is 3A (based on “better more than less”)

Sorry I don’t have the dimensions of the cases.

Hi Janis Thank you so much for the detailed reviews. Very good and thorough description:-)
I have been reading through this review and the one for the Audiophonics. I am really looking into buying either the ES9018k2m or one of the allos.
As i really don’t have any idea of the sound of any of the RP DAC, would you know any DAC of the factory shelf that is close to these DAC?

I was wondering if they are in the same league as for instance: NAD D1050, Cambridge DacMagic Plus, Arcam irDac, HRT Music streamer ii+, Musical Fidelity V-90 DAC or Denon DA300USB (just to mention a few in the same price range)
Or maybe these DAC don’t even come close!

Anyone, please share your thoughts :slight_smile:

Johan, I am using the Boss w/ RPi on DietPi and it works fine. Good work!
Now I have a question on the volume control.
When I use Roon on it and signal path says Output ALSA. In the config I set Volume control to “Use Device Controls”.
Is there an analog stage after the DAC that gets controlled by the volume control sent from Roon core, or will the ALSA do volume regulation in the digital domain and therefore degrade resolution?
Do you know? Could you elaborate on volume control in this setup?
Thank you!