Allo Boss V1.2 Info


Sorry if this is contained within another thread, but is there any info available for the upcoming Boss V1.2.

Was reading the latest Boss review by Darko Allo Boss Darko Review and as a footnote it was mentioned that a new Boss V1.2 would be out by the end of this month.

Any info on the V1.2 for someone like myself who is looking for something to enable as a Roon endpoint either in a bedroom (connect to Radio Player, mini hi-fi system) or outside under my Pergola hooked up to an AV receiver.

Also an additional question (sorry), which software is best to use with the Boss to ensure compatibility with Roon (you can tell I’m a novice at this):

  • Max2Play
  • Volumio
  • DietPi
  • Ropieee
  • Other …


I would (do) use Dietpi or Ropieee.

Dietpi user here.

Very well supported by Dan.

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Given your use case I think the current Boss DAC version would be more than capable, no real need to wait for the 1.2. I have a Boss DAC feeding my main system and it really is very good given the price. I use ropieee as I wanted to use the pi touch screen as a controller for roon.
No need, other than wanting the latest and best of course! :slight_smile:

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So DietPi - 2, Ropieee - 2, at least no vote to use the software the Boss comes with. Assume I can easily change between DietPi and Ropieee if I want to give each a try and see which I prefer.


Yes, the current Boss version would be ok for my needs, but the end of the month is only 2 week away so no rush and will wait and see what the Boss V1.2 comes with.

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yes easy to change, just follow the install instructions for either. If you have 2 sd cards you can burn both images and just swap the cards to try either.

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ropieee can have a deceptively long initial boot time so be patient.

As far as I know, the Boss is sold as a HAT card only (not a complete package with Raspberry PI, OS, PSU, and case), you must supply these and choose your OS, this is the way I bought it.

Yes it’s wright.
But it’s the Allo Dac and Rasperry Pi 3 = Boss Player/Dac.
It’s not working with the Allo Sparky, so have I been informed from Allo!
It’s working with the Max2Play and Volumio OS, but it’s if it’s shall be used as a Player/Dac!
I have it with the Volumio OS, and it’s great :+1:.
It’s have Spotify and all kinds of plugins, I have it to the Allo VOLT+ WITH STEPPED ATTENUATOR Amp in my bedroom. It’s playing DSD music perfectly and I play Roon with it by Air Play.
So it’s showing in Roon there it’s possible to use the DSP in Roon, if you want it and the Volumio app is great. For IPad does it look like this!
Volumio av Michelangelo Guarise

But if it’s shall be used as a Dac and not have the Player, so must that work as well, with Sparky and DietPi so it’s totally Roon Ready!
The Dac is also i2s…so it’s a extremely great Dac, for the price!

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Asked a question 2 weeks ago, but Allo haven’t added any answer to the query , makes me worry if it’s worth going with Allo if they can’t include a reply to a query on here or via their website (I also sent query at the same time via the contact form on their website, but no reply either).

Sorry meant to add, thanks for all the replies to the thread - appreciated :+1:

I think they (Allo) are having email issues. I sent an email and messaged Andre directly and he called me and said the email he replied to bounced. So I emailed him and it bounced as well, he gave me an alternative email which went through. May want to PM him here…

Hi Celts

AT this point we have no real information on the Boss v1.2 . That being said , expect the new Boss to be rather a small upgrade than a revolution .

All of those software are compatible with Boss (and Boss v1.2) since they are using the same driver.

Rpi and boss working great with newly released wifi version of ropieee. If you just want a Roon endpoint this gets my vote… 3:2 ropieee!

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I’m very new to this, with no Linux experience. I ordered an Allo Boss/Pi/Case/Wifi Dongle combo with Volumio OS pre-installed. Posting here, in case it helps other newbies, like myself.

I have a HEOS 7, version 1 wireless speaker, that is in a location that would be difficult to provide wired Ethernet. Furthermore, it is restricted to a maximum of 16bit/48kHz files.

I’ve read the internal WiFi on a Pi isn’t as good as a USB dongle. I played with the latest release of Ropieee that adds WiFi, but it appears that it currently only uses the Pi’s internal Wifi. With Ropieee, I could not get my USB Dongle WiFi to work, and the internal WiFi was weak.

I reverted back to the Volumio OS included with my Boss, because it enables the USB WiFi Dongle. I then followed John Darko’s instructions and installed Roon Bridge, since it was not installed on the Volumio OS shipped with the DAC.

Using Roon, I streamed very hi-res files over WiFi, including DSD (converted by Roon to PCM), to my HEOS, using the aux analog input, with no drops/clicks, etc. I also tried it, wired, in my home theater setup for two channel listening and it sounded excellent. VERY HAPPY and will be ordering a new v1.2, for my theater, when it is released.

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Robert, enjoyed that mate :+1:

Hi to all,
and here is the BOSS 1.2 player alu case with integrated heat sink for the RPI .
Mat black anodized.
ready to ship early 2018!


t do you guys think?


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Looks good, I assume the sparky and Usbridge will be available with the aluminium case? If so I will be ordering in the new year.


Does that mean both the Boss 1.2 and Alu case are both available early 2018?

Looks very nice…but…why is the red cable plugged in to the white jack and vice versa? (Just kidding!)

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