Allo DigiOne board

Yes it needs a driver and we will have one , but any generic i2s drivers will work

Powered by PI, but it has a isolated DC/DC convertor feeding the next (isolated) stage.

Will you be offering a case for this? Or does the Pi fit in the ‘open’ acrylic Sparky case?

we are making an acrylic case , should be ready to present in less than 2 weeks…its not the one we have right now we upgraded the design

Also we will be making an alu case and will sell the whole product in a box (plug and play)


Hi, any news on the release date of the DigiOne?

Also looking forward to this.

No news yet…as soon as I get one I will update.

hi to all
things are advancing but we wont commit to a specific launch date, at this moment, until we are not done with our testing… by next week we will be able to do so.
see here the ISOLATOR board!

almost there… very close!
regards and thanks for your patience

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Looks nice, andre :slight_smile:

did you take preorders?

hi ,
we will have it on the site soon enough and there will be plenty of stock.
For logistics reasons, it would be best to buy directly online.
Good to see that you guys are interested!
will update once live.


here are the first pics… testing just started.
will update more.


defintely looking forward to it :slight_smile:

questions: will Kali help with this board too? will a metal case be available on launch?

This board has a recloaker incorporated. Kali will not help or work with DigiOne

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Just acrylic to start.

I’m a little confused.

Is this a USB to SPDIF converter?

Or does it go from ethernet to SPDIF?

Ethernet > Pi/Roon Bridge > SPDIF.

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OK, so it stacks on the Pi/Roon Bridge to output SPDIF.




What are the jitter measurements on the DigiOne?

Not yet in…I know the team has the spidif working with the driver but no news on jitter yet.

1.7ps of jitter.