Allo DigiOne board


Hi Andre,

Great to see you participating in our little neck of the woods… I couldn’t help noticing this little tidbit in a stray thread:

Most interested. Do you have any planned ETA for this, or is it still early days?

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Hi and thanks for reaching out.
typically we need 4 to 5 weeks to have the protos ready… issue is that China is shutting down for 2 weeks now and this will delay the PCB and components sourcing.

I say end of Feb we will have first protos ready.
we can stay in touch and I will update you.


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Thanks Andre, sounds good. Just hit me up when it’s time to send some $ your way. :slight_smile:

Sign me up, too. Want to tease us with some details?

What is the ETA on the isolator hat ?

hello Stephane, ETA by March end.

Thanks. Looking forward to trying it out.

2x LT3042 for 5V and 3V. It will work with both master and slave DACs

Sounds great, looking forward to it.

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Small update, projects are advancing nicely , there has been some delay because of Murata parts. In 3 weeks we should post test results. All parts will be in stock for 1k run…

Thats for DigiOne , USBridge and Isolator

How are things going with the digiless?
Oops, just saw your post above. Never mind…

Is the DigiOne the digiless? What is the USBridge?

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DigiOne =Digiless
USBridge is a device that will allow you to use the USB port to send music to your DAC. Of course the USB port will be very clean (very low noise) and re clocked USB packets.

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Excellent. Looking forward to testing these out.

Will this be for Sparky only or RPi too?

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Its not possible to do it for RPI…so only Sparky

So this has become officially the thread for our DigiOne board for RPI , that will allow you to output coaxial to you favorite DAC

A few specs.

RCA and BNC outputs (gold plated) only (absolutely no optical, it has by definition 4ns of jitter). No AES either its not a good medium for digital signals.
Noise level under 100uV ,we hope for 50uV, at the output
Jitter target at BNC/RCA under 3ps on both outputs (we hope for less).

That means no transformer for galvanic isolation , what we do is isolate the board at the input (after the wm8805) and then reclock with NDK Oscillators feed with own LDOs+ filters.
In total we use 10 LDOs on the board, 12 low pass filters, multiple buffers (with 0.07ps added jitter), digital isolators, common mode choke .

We have a target price of 119 Eur…but its not set in stone.
Target release date April 30 (Sunday)…we will do our best but don’t take it as a guarantee.

Basically what we think, its that DigiOne will be the best digital transporter on the market at ANY price (yes including those 5kEUR/USD transporters). Please correct me if I am wrong (if we hit those targets)

Looking good, Johan – thanks for the update. I’ve updated the title of this thread to reflect to reflect the correct product name.

Now… When can we pre-order? :slight_smile:

No preordering sorry , company policy. However I will make sure to keep this thread updated and you will know in advance when its open.


A few questions:

  • Will there be a specific driver available in DietPi?
  • how will the power supply work? From the Pi, separate and if so will it feed the Pi power as well?