Using Roon with Sony Hap-S1


I have been using Roon for a little while now (Sonos Setup), but oast year I had purchased a Sony Hap-S1 and speakers for Hi-Def music listening.

I love the system, but do not like the interface. Plus I have all my music stored on a NAS running Roon Server.

I have read lots and lots on the forums. But must admit I am confused/lost.

What I would like to know, what would be the best way to be able to stream my music from the NAS to the Sony HAP S1 using the Roon app. Do I need to buy and endpoint? and if so what would be the best option. Also I am assuming an either co-axial or optical in would be used (what’s best).

I’m sure the information is on here, but as I said I am at a lost to fully understand.

Hope someone can help.


Is Sony HAP-S1 certified Roon Ready? If not you are out of luck, it requires the necessary codes to run it as an endpoint otherwise it will not work.

I am running several devices that are not RoonReady using optical inputs. You do need a separate endpoint though. I am using a Pi3 with a digi+ HAT on one DAC and a SonicOrbiter on another. I don’t expect that these inputs will give you much on the display of the HAP-S1 and will be controllable from there - for that you will need it to be RoonReady. But you can control all you need to from your Roon remote and much more information available from there.

The Pi setup costs around $100 and you have some DIY to do and the SonicOrbiter which is pretty much plug and play around $300. There is plenty of help on this forum if you want to try the Pi route.

The specifications on the Sony page say that there is both co-axial and optical inputs. So I would assume you just need the endpoint as suggested above.

Thanks Philr I will have a look at the SonicOrbitor.

The forthcoming DigiOne from Allo (used in conjunction with a RPi or an Allo Sparky) seems like it might be just the ticket for the coax input on the HAP-S1.