Allo DigiOne board

(Tom WoB) #491

Hi all,

I have a tip for anyone with grounding problems regarding the use of network cables:

when using a Raspberry Pi as an audio player, it is often recommended on the Internet to use unshielded network cables, so-called UTP cables (Unshielded Twisted Pair).

With such cables (typically cheap ones) is no ground connection between the devices, usually between switch and Rasperry Pi. This means that there is one potential ground loop less!

#492 Hi Johan.

On your web you state that optical (toslink) SPDIF is no good so you’ve dropped it. I generally agree on the optical, but some products only have optical inputs - like Devialet’s Phantoms. Yes they have PLC, WiFi and ethernet, but then one has to use Spark to play. Roon RAAT may come to Dialog so one should think that is good enough. I still think a DigiOne toslink would be a very interesting option for this. The SPDIF reclocker circuit would probably make the toslink output better than the rest and I am sure you could achieve very nice performance even on toslink. Any comments on this?

(Lars Bäcklund) #493

I would be very happy to learn that a well-designed Toslink output could be made available. Achieving low jitter with Toslink is possible nowadays!

(Adrian Gimenez) #494

if you care about sound quality, you shouldn’t consider toslink as an option, why bother? you have ethernet and wifi


@Adrian_Gimenez did you ever run 24/192 (or higher) or DSD over wifi? If I could stream directly to the ethernet port of a Phantom I’d naturally prefer it, but Devialet does not want to open the spec so it is not an option. Searching for a usable option while avoiding the Spark app/Dialog for streaming leaves only Toslink. In my current system I send the signal from Roon->microRendu->Mutec MC3+USB->AES/EBU->Devialet 250Pro. I guess the Allo DigiOne would do a similar great job. So my question regarding a DigiOne Toslink is well funded I think.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #496


I have a question about the DigiOne which I purchased last week.
Content of 192khz/24bit is not playing. All resolutions below 192khz playback fine and with great quality.

I have the DigiOne connected to my receiver with an RCA cable.
According to the manual the receiver is able to accept up to 192khz/24bit on the SPDIF input.

As a test, I wired an RCA cable to the SPDIF header of a Nano NEO board and connected that to the receiver. 192Khz/24bit plays back fine (and yes, the receiver confirms what content it’s getting on the display).

The RCA cable used is a 1 meter HQ shielded cable of DAP.
Power supply for the pi (+ DigiOne) is IFI iPower.
The pi runs the latest version of dietpi distribution with the Roon Bridge installed.

Is this an issue with the DigiOne board or the software ?

BTW: I have ordered a high grade BNC to RCA cable if that makes any difference.

(Tony Reimann) #497

I upsample everything to 24/192 and have no issues with my digione playing it.

(Gerald Richardson) #498

The first cable (marked CD) I tried with the DigiOne would not play the highest resolutions. An inexpensive Blue Jeans Cable ($20.00USD) did the trick.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #499

Thanks, I’ll try another cable if I can find one. Otherwise I’ll just wait for the new BNC to RCA cable.

(johan ) #500

Digione plays 192Khz without a problem

(johan ) #501

Its not possible to eliminate jitter from optical. We can send a "clean " output to the optical chip…but that optical IC will reintroduce the jitter.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #502

Thanks for the reply. I’ll wait for the new cable to arrive and will test again with that.


Thanks , but that is a shame! All optical IC’s are just as bad? Even if you designed a discrete optical output with good performance the result would be bad because the receiver end would be built with one of the bad chips?
So the only solution here would be a proper reclocker after the optical input circuit on a device?


@Adrian_Gimenez seems you were right about Toslink! I didn’t know it was this bad and unavoidable…

#505 Johan, with DietPi’s v6 update, is it possible to list the default config items that Allo enables for the DigiOne? The v6 update is a complete reflash rather than upgrade which whacks everything and we have to re-enable manually. What other items other than Roon Bridge, Shareplay, and Squeezelight should users upgrade to v6 enable?

(Rubén Rodríguez) #506

Hi, my current Dac is Lampi level 4 G5 (amanero board) and i have been playing music through Usb input from windows 10 laptop +w4s recovery, i usually oversample all my music to DSD (64, 128 and 256) using HQPLAYER + ROON, but i like pcm native mode as well, do you think Allo Digione can improve SQ using coax input on my DAC?

(johan ) #507

Yeap thats the only way

(johan ) #508

Thats a very hard question to answer. It depends on the quality of coax input implementation (on your DAC)

( #509


V6.0 update requires a complete reflash. V6 Allo web GUI version getting ready by this weekend. The existing v159 images will still function in the meantime.
Roonbridge, NAA, shairport, squeezeliet, OMPD installed by default on Allo web GUI version.


Thank you. Would Allo consider linking to their image of DietPi so we can flash that as a default environment for DigiOne? Or should we just manually add those five services?

Is there anything else to customize from DietPi vanilla image?