Allo Digione player on volumio vs on Roon bridge

Hi. I have a Allo Digione player w Volumio and Roon bridge installed. It connects via coaxial cable to a Chord Hugo TT and then to Adam Compact 3 active speakers.

The roon core is installed on an imac and the music is in a harddrive attached to the imac.

I compare the sound of the same file played via Roon on the Digione vs the same file being played directly by Volumio (usb drive w the file attached to Digione player). Volumio sounds better. Of course, Roon bridge on digione w volumio isn’t a certified Roon endpoint. Thought to share this. I am a new user. I just installed the Roon core yesterday.

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You aren’t the first to suggest Volumio sounds better. Are you talking about not using Roon at all, or using Roon Bridge on Volumio OS?

  1. use volumio only
  2. use roon bridge on volumio

Number 1 sounds better.

Right, it isn’t the first time we have heard about the merits of Volumio. It isn’t a replacement for Roon though. We use that for various reasons and find other ways to enhance sound quality.

From a very simple measurement I made with my DigiOne running volumio using a 96/24 sample - captured from my DAC via ADC:

Roonbrigde on volumio


There’s no difference in the spectrum. It’s pretty useless to mention what I’ve heard because that’s even less reliable than my test… :sunglasses:


I agree. Roon and volumio are very different. Roon is a network sound system (a very powerful one due the flexibility of use) and also brings a wealth of information to the music that we own. Volumio is standalone. I did try to do a search before I post - apologies that I did not find a thread.

No problem. The original thread may have been pulled because it got heated.

The solution is simple. Use Roon for research, reading and selection, then switch over to Volumio to play. Sure its a bit kludgy, but it’s in the pursuit of optimum sound quality.

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Old thread I know

For those who believe Roon may not sound as good as Volumio on a Allo DigiOne, have you tried connected the Roon Core via USB to your DAC.

I have NUC equivalent with Roon ROCK and find that it’s USB to my DAC sounds pretty terrible and prefer the Allo DigiOne Coax to DAC. But if I connect the Raspberry Pi4 to my DAC via USB it sounds better than the NUC via USB and not as good as Coax from the Allo DigiOne HAT.

Now, if there was a way to connect the Allo DigiOne HAT to my NUC I wonder what would occur.

I’m trialling Roon at the moment and also looking at Audivarna. I like Qobuz app better for navigating my favourites etc.