ALLO - How to configure Vana player?

Hi Andre,

thank you for the info and the code. I have purchase Vana kit from your site. Is there any step by step instructions on how to configure Vana player (once assembled) with Roon? Any help would be appreciated.

Easiest way is to download the sparky version of dietpi and go from there. Once DietPi is burnt to a sd card and booted you can ssh into the raspberry pi and it is simple menu driven stuff from there. There are instructions on the dietpi website too.

Thank you for your reply Tony. I would assume that after DietPi, I would need to install Roon Bridge armv7hf. Would that be correct?

You need to install Roon Bridge but you can do that from the DietPi menus. It is all there for you, really easy.

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awesome community support!

I’ve done all this and have it running so it’s definitely working already in the real world.

dan’s diet pi build is on his website under Sparky and is easy to install.

Add Roon bridge in the setups and it’s good to go once you select the required DAC setup

Thanks Paul! I did all that i think but the two MUTE LEDs are ON on the Piano 2.1 board. I have selected “Allo Piano DAC 2.1” under DietPi “Soundcards”. Roon sees a total of 3 identical DietPi devices for some reason and I tried playing to all of them but the sound is not coming out. Any ideas?

I seem to recall reading somewhere the mute is lit when its not on. Yeah I know I thought that was weird too…just a hunch.


Ah yes…from the manual :stuck_out_tongue:
• Green LED’S - Indicates Power up and Mute status - always glow.
• Mute LED off indicates Audio is muted.
• Mute LED on indicates Audio is un-mute (plays).

Thanks Paul… yes I have read that one as well. So everything seems normal except there is no sound coming out of RCA connectors. I’m almost thinking I have a defective Piano board, but there still might be some setting or configuration issue that I have missed, did wrong.