Allo Kali to HDMI?

Hi Johan and Andre, @ALLO_audio_boards

There’s an appetite amongst PS Audio and Holo Spring owners (and possibly others) for an Ethernet to HDMI i2s device. I was thinking an isolated Kali might serve the purpose. I understand it would need an i2s output module (like this Audio-GD).

Do you think an HDMI output board that could sit on top of the Kali might be a viable product for you ? Perhaps with some other digital outputs to broaden the appeal. Would resolution be limited to 384kHz 32 bit ?

An inexpensive DSD 512 capable Ethernet to HDMI i2s device floats temptingly in my dreams.

At the moment people are using a Sonore micro or ultraRendu with a Singxer SU-1 or Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 to get from Ethernet to DSD 512 i2s. It would seem efficient to combine the functions in one box but leaving out the USB stage.

The Magna HiFi Mano uses a Raspberry Pi2 to do Ethernet to HDMI i2s, but is limited to DSD 256 and costs €636 (exc VAT).


yeap resolution will be limited t0 32/384Khz DSD 128

Not sure if thats enough .

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Thanks Johan. I’ve ordered a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2.

we started the design for a HDMI i2s output got our Kali


This is great news, I am using the Allo COAX out with very good results, I think a properly clocked I2S output on HDMI would be an even better solution! Please keep us posted :wink:

HDMI i2s is only found on a few DACs. Will not work on generic HDMI

Agreed, the 12s that would be needed is a differential output on an HDMI connector, it is not a standard HDMI protocol. I am interested because I have a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. I do think there would be a good appetite for this.

At one time there were only a few DACs with USB inputs.

Yup - and if done correctly, the i2s has the potential for the lowest jitter, and best sound quality. Plus the ability to send raw DSD - which not sure how much of a big deal that is…

Hi Johan, do you plan to release that HDMI I2S out this year? It is exactly what I am looking for.

What DAC do you have ?

I have an AudioGD R2R 7 DAC

Yeap thats our first target (audio-gd)

Would that also work with the PS Audio DS DAC? They both use HDMI but one may have a different connection scheme. Are they the same?