Roon endpoint - ethernet input and I2S (HDMI connector) output

Hi all

I’m looking for a list of Roon endpoints that support:

  1. Ethernet input

  2. I2S (HDMI connector) output

  3. Support for 24/192 minimum and support for RAAT

I don’t know if there is an adapter for the Pi I2S pins that allows HDMI connector I2S output.

Looking for non-Pi options also, although the Pi solution is probably cheapest, in conjunction with RoonBridge on the Pi.


I actually just sold one. Modified Sonos Connect. I2s over HDMI. Modification was performed by Wyred4Sound Audio in Atascadero, CA. The Sonos works as an endpoint, but its not RAAT ready. You might be able to modify a RPI to work.

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Thanks but I definitely need support for 24/192 minimum and RAAT.

See the RoPieee thread HERE as someone (Artur) (and I will be trying soon too) has an i2s DAC board thats connected to a RPi i2s - but of course this is all internal as the RPi has no connectors for i2s - you would have to figure that one out…maybe too much DIY for many.

Thanks mate. I already have an I2S DAC in the house (HiFiBerry DAC+ PRO) with RCA outputs, working well with RAAT.

But I’m looking for I2S output (HDMI connector) for use with another DAC I have, that accepts I2S inputs (HDMI connector).

Looking for all solutions, not just Pi solutions.

Musica Pristina has one

Nice, thanks Danny. Is that the only Roon Ready one (at this moment in time)?

It’s the one I know of… @brian might know of others as he sees more devices than I do.

I’m curious about your other DAC – what device out there takes an I²S input over HDMI?

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Holo Spring does @danny. However, I’m not sure it’s worth $5,000 to remove USB from the chain entirely!

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The DirectStream does too - and yes I know about the Roon Ready Bridge II network card ! :wink:

what are PS Audio and Holo Spring saying you should use for that HDMI/I²S input?

A lot of Spring owners use in stock or modified form. In fact, the Spring designer knows the SU-1 designer very well apparently. However, it’s a USB to I2S bridge, not network.

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I second this.

Singxer SU-1 is an excellent digital interface with i2s output, especially when modified to be used with an external linear power supply such Uptone Ultracap LPS-1.

However, it is not a network player, Roon endpoint, and you would need something like microrendu to provide that function.

This is the combo I have:

Roon —> Ethernet to microRendu —> USB cable to Singxer SU-1 (powered by LPS-1) ----> i2s ----> Holo Spring KTE DAC

No, since the language that DACs speak is I2S (I’m told) I’m considering that input myself - if I can find hardware to consider and keep the chain length down.

Hence as per my OP, ethernet to I2S - and no USB and SPDIF along the way.

As Joel says, $5k for the Musica Prestina is a lot to bypass USB, even though I’m sure that is a phenomenal bit of hardware.

Hopefully some other options come up also.

And before someone else jumps in, yes I know the Bridge II is ethernet to I2S and Roon Ready !

what you need is a small arm board and you can take the I²S right off it… run Roon Bridge on that arm board… friendlyarm makes a ton of them.

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I’ve seen this:

Need to figure out how to get it to this:

Then yep, RoonBridge and Bob’s your uncle.

There are several different pinouts being used with the HDMI connectors for DAC’s. PS audio is one approach, there is another which I can’t remember, maybe it’s Holo Spring or perhaps some other brand. Denafrips has a dac with 3 i2s inputs, one is on HDMI and 2 on RJ45 I think.

I’d like to point out the HDMI that keeps cropping up in all the i2s banter is the physical connector that’s being used, nothing to with the HDMI signaling specs.

It’s akin to having an rs232 connection on an HDMI connector, the signals are very different but the physical connector is the HDMI type.

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The only thing I’d add is, if you’re going to these lengths to avoid USB, you probably need a really low jitter I2S output. The I2S input on the Holo Spring, at least, is not re-clocked. The reason people go for the SU-1 is that it’s I2S is very low jitter.

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Very good points. In this case the I2S input is the HDMI connector type (as per OP) not RJ45. But good points noted.

Yep and one look at the Bridge II photo and you can see a pair of high quality clocks there before the I2S outputs.

Good points to note though.