Allo Katana DAC

(Richard Thorpe) #41

What happened to the Katana its been way longer that 14 days? Is this thing DOA?

(johan ) #42

Nope…we are improving many things and it takes time. Today we tested the supercap on board (we fixed the oscillation ) and sound has been improved further (we are observing a decrease of noise across all rails)

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #43

Can the Katana be configured to work as a preamp driving a power amp directly?

Impressed by the hardware :slight_smile:
Many thanks

(johan ) #44

Nirvana outputs 2.1Vrms. It can drive a power amp direct

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #45

Thank you for the response johan. Assuming a power amp has 1.1V input sensitivity, will the 2.1Vrms of the Katana have any implications?

(johan ) #46

It will work fine , dac itself has volume. You can keep it at 50% so 1.1vrms

(johan ) #47

I missunderstood the question. Yes Katana can work as a preamp (it has volume)

(Richard Thorpe) #48

When will we be able to order the upgraded Katana? Thank you.

(johan ) #49

We hope by the end of this week

(Richard Thorpe) #50

Thank you, I was refering to the “fixed” Katana I thought there were issues with the first incarnation that caused you to stop sales. I was wondering when the issues would be resolved and it put on sale. You have answered my question. Cheers


(Norwin van Mourik) #51

Johan, any news as the week has passed and I am interested to buy one. Regards Norwin

(Richard Thorpe) #52

It’s been weeks and no Katana? What is going on? Will this product ever reach the market?


My order has been sent last week, so probably yes.

(johan ) #54

Katanas are being build and shipped every day , we will have them ready for sale before the holidays

(Norwin van Mourik) #55

Hi, what is your experience with the Katana after having it some days now? And which DAC did you use before the Katana?

(Richard Thorpe) #56

I’m going to get my revised Katana with Isolator tomorrow. I plan on running Ropeee on it. Has anyone done this? Is anyone running the “new” Katana? Impressions?


The Katana sounds detailed and clear from bass to trebles. I came from the Boss board. Bass is more defined but leaner, more on the SQ board than on the THD+N. The mids seem more prominent. The Boss was roughly on par with my old Marantz CD-63SE for me, the Katana is better but demands very good source material. Bad material got even worse. :wink:

(johan ) #58

Can you tell us a bit more ?

(johan ) #59

Did you get your revised version ? What do you think so far

(Richard Thorpe) #60

I believe I got the revised version. It sounds very good, a best buy at the price. Be sure to use good power supplies ( iFi minimum). The more supplies the better it sounds. A great product and works well with Ropeee although Ropeee will not boot off the eMMC card you must use a microSD card.